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It was a Heaven Shining Through morning — the sun partially hidden behind clouds but still bright enough to illuminate the sky. It seemed appropriate for today as I formally launch my new book, My Name Is Sam … and Heaven Is Still Shining Through. The presentation takes place at 6 p.m. (Eastern) at the Thompson Free Library, Dover-Foxcroft, ME, and it will be {hopefully} broadcast live through the wonders of Facebook.

The new novel is an extension of the original novella Heaven Shining Through. It introduces the characters in more detail and explains some of the gaps present in the shorter version. In addition, the novel continues Sam’s saga to a climactic ending I don’t think readers will be expecting. One beta reader indicated, “I LOVE the ending of the book. It was probably the strongest ending I’ve read in my entire life!” An early reader responded, “The ending … was totally unexpected. I sobbed like a  baby.”

The premise of the book — a fictional memoir with a Christian flavor — is an over coffee chat with Samantha. As she states herself, “I did have a good life. An ordinary life, yes, but good. No ‘ah hah!’ moment, just a string of  ‘ahs’ weaving a tale of life, love, loss, some sorrow, but oh so much joy!”

It’s a  story of her life with some drama, some humor, some heart tugs. Or as she says, “I know because I lived it. Just a free-willed suburban Jersey girl trying to figure out this journey called life.”

There are no hidden messages and no agenda. That being said doesn’t mean there isn’t an underlying theme through the pages — God is always there with us. He’s there through the joys and, most important, through the sorrows and pain. Even when we push Him away, He walks silently with us until we’re ready to see the rays of Sonshine all around us.

Honestly, neither the novella nor the book were intended to be “Christian” works, but a read anyone in any spiritual stage could enjoy without an overt, hit you over the  head Christian message. I intentionally did not want to preach to the choir. I was and am hoping someone in need sees the story of reconciliation and self-awareness amid the sometimes messiness of life.

The book is intended to be enjoyed. I hope you can nestle in your favorite book reading nook or on a blanket at the beach and discover a new friend … Sam who is “constantly reminded of God’s presence in the ordinary as He allows heaven to shine through.”

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: It’s so exciting to wake up each morning and be able to say, This is the day the Lord has made. Rejoice and be glad in it.


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