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It’s Friday so it must be time for Five Minute Friday. Actually, even though I generally procrastinated and wrote mostly on Saturday, so far this year I’ve been disciplined enough to scratch out these words on time! {pat on the back} {I probably shouldn’t have said that.}

Our moderator is Kate Motaung. She provides our prompt on Thursday night during our weekly Twitter party {although summer fun has culled participation}. This week’s prompt is WORLD. Our writing community writes for five minutes {more or less}, link up and share at then sit back and read what others have written.

I encourage you to visit, join in and comment. And, as I’ve been doing, here’s Heather’s take on the value of the exercise, taken from snippets found in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat as an added inducement to join in.

“I am so excited about this book! What an exciting idea! I have had so much fun and have loved doing these prompts. I was part of a writing group for a year and got so much great feedback and wrote so much. It was after three babies in four years and it helped me to get back into my writing. Never thought I could do it. Then I moved from Las Vegas to Iowa and my group couldn’t come with me. Too bad! I came across Lisa’s blog [Lisa-Jo Baker, the founder of Five Minute Friday] after searching for some prompts and writing again has been so therapeutic. I just read back through my blog because I was looking for a prompt to send in [for the book] and I was so surprised at how much I had written. My husband even asked me whose blog I was checking out and I said “Mine!” and he was so proud. Thanks for posting and for all your work. It has made a big difference fir me.”

That’s a common theme. Five Minute Friday is sooo much more than just an exercise in writing. It’s family communicating. It’s friends communicating. It’s strangers-soon-to-be-friends communicating.

By the way, Kate just published The Five-Minute Writing Prompt Journal, a tool for seasoned, new and wannabe writers. Based on precepts in the Five Minute Friday community, the Journal presents 52 independent one word writing prompts for writers to ponder. The purpose of the Journal is to get writers to focus, spark inspiration, provide space for you to practice your craft, and challenge you to cultivate the habit of writing regularly. The goal — just as it on Fridays — is not to get it just right, but to just write. While this book is not technically for readers, it most definitely is for writers at whatever stage of development they made be in. Interspersed through the pages are Kate’s pearls of writing wisdom which are designed to encourage you.

So, with that, we’ll set the timer for five minutes. Let’s GO…

The first thing that popped into my pea brain was the 1964 World’s Fair hit attraction, It’s a Small World, featuring the catchy song Children of the World. I can’t tell you why that attraction, its crude animatronics {by today’s standards} or the song snuck into my psyche before I fell asleep, but it left me humming the lyric and singing the chorus all morning.

So, as part of the today’s exercise, let’s take a listen …

As I was listening I decided to check my stats. It really is a small, small world. These words — penned from the Maine Highlands — somehow make it around the world. Just this week, for instance, the blog was visited by friends in 17 countries from the USA to Indonesia, from Canada to Mexico.

Which brings us to an important point. We better be sure our words mirror our beliefs. We’ve been told to be in the world, but not of the world. Or, we interact with neighbors globally, but still must not fall into the trap of … STOP

of being controlled by the world and its standards.

It’s a tricky walk. It’s easy to get distracted by the glitter. Even in a ministry, it’s easy to have the method overshadow the message.

It’s a small, small world. Though the mountains divide and the oceans are wide, we’re all connected by the Light. That’s the message.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Through the years, memories are made. Births, birthdays, graduations, marriages, anniversaries and many more events in our lives give us our memories. Some memories are made purposely, some without knowing and most as a part of living.


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8 Responses to Five Minute Friday — World

  1. Excellent! We have been on it’s a small world ride as kids and with our own kids! Love your comments about how our blogs are visited by other countrymen and women. Our words matter. Jenn FMF neighbor


  2. In 1964 I visited Disneyland for the first time, age 7. I remember the ride well, and when we went back in 1990 with our children, it still looks the same, as it did in 2006 and 2014 with our grandchildren. If they made any changes, I didn’t notice. I’m called the “Memory Maker” in our family. Just knowing those moments will be with them a long time, I’m truly blessed to hold that title.

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  3. The world I come from is not small,
    and it’s inhabited by killers.
    ‘Twas divided thus, beyond the Fall,
    and we’ve got to burn their villes.
    The Zippo track and M-16
    weren’t what God had in mind,
    but to make this bloody fatal scene,
    being cruel is being kind.
    Ol’ Charlie and his Uncle Ho,
    and Hanoi Jane besides
    have really got to come to know
    that we need to tan their hides.
    This war was lost in ages past,
    but hist’ry returns, and it’s comin’ fast.


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