Five Minute Friday — Question

Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. Five Minute Friday time.We’ll get to that in a  few after our regularly scheduled advertisements about the mechanics of Five Minute Friday and a plug on it’s value from Colleen.

You know the drill. I’ll post, link at Kate’s place ( and scan through the incredible work of my fellow writers. And, as I always say, you should try it as well — both writing and contributing or at least visiting the sites of this talented crew.

I’ve also been sharing other takes on the value of the exercise, taken from snippets found in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat as an added inducement to join in. Here’s Colleen’s take.

“The Five Minute Friday community has encouraged me to take up the pen when I thought I had no words; to seek friendship when I thought it was out of my reach; and to be brave when I was certain my courage was failing. This is not just a writing group, it is a sisterhood [and brotherhood] that constantly reminds me we are better together.”

So, there you have it. Five Minute Friday is so much more than just words. It’s friendship. It’s community. It’s empowerment.

The prompt this week is QUESTION. The timer has been set, so I guess it’s time to let the neurons out to roam free. GO …

Over the years, I have answered many questions. Sometimes, I really knew the answer. Other times I took an educated guess. Often I was just winging it based on my experiences.

But when it comes time to ferry across the Jordan and visit the Throne Room, there will be just two relevant questions. Our Father will look me straight in eyes and ask, “Do you know My Son?”

Like all those who profess to be Christians, I will answer affirmatively.

Then He will glance to His right and ask His Son, “Do You know this servant?”

I suspect some of the profession Christians will be winnowed, but I expect an affirmative answer.

With those formalities out of the way, the fun will begin. I will be free to ask those pressing questions that have nagged me all my life. Of course, some of them will be related to the theological and philosophical. If this salvation thing is so simple, why is it so hard for us numskulls to understand it? Why are there so many distortions to the truth? Why did You pick that time and place to enter our … STOP

world? Why not sooner? Or later? Why can’t humans just get along?

But there are other more mundane questions as well. Why is the grass green and the sky blue? {I’m expecting an answer like “You do know there was such a thing as Google in your lifetime, right?”} Who determined the color scheme of the rainbow and why? Why do rabbits live in holes? What do cows think about when they’re grazing? Why am I fascinated by flannel? Especially bright large checked flannel? Why didn’t You give me a talent for, I don’t know, carpentry? Or electronics? Or maintaining my car? Why writing?

And, of course, I’ll finally have the question answered about which came first, the chicken or the egg.

I’m thinking it’s okay to have questions … theological, philosophical, silly and mundane. What questions — serious and silly — would you like answered?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: If you want to reach Mount Olympus, make sure every step you take is in that direction. — Socrates


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15 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Question

  1. lmb516 says:

    Well done…thanks for sharing!


  2. Hi Joe,I couldn’t remember how to order your book, so thank you for posting about how to do that. I


  3. Well, dear God, I have a quetion
    sticking in my mind of late,
    and if I might make suggestion,
    could You please elaborate?
    I’ve eaten both, found ’em tasty,
    and for seconds did I beg,
    but now I ask (perhaps too hasty?)
    of the primacy – chicken or egg?
    Egg is needed for gestation,
    but bird’s required for the birth;
    seems an impossible equation,
    so I’m thinking “What on earth?”
    I guess when You Creation spoke,
    You saw fit to add a joke.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. Koko says:

    Love your perspective on this! Thanks for sharing!


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