Five Minute Friday — Goal

You know the drill. I’ll post, link at Kate’s place ( and scan through the incredible work of my fellow writers. And, as I always say, you should try it as well — both writing and contributing or at least visiting the sites of this talented crew.

I’ve also been sharing other takes on the value of the exercise, taken from snippets found in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat as an added inducement to join in. Here’s Jen’s take.

“Through FMF, I not only found a community online, but I found the courage to seek one out in real life too. And, through both, my life has changed radically for the better!”

So, let’s get into this week’s word, appropriately GOAL. The timer is set, so let’s GO …

I have just one goal — to get through this life relatively unscathed so I can get Home.

Yes, it’s pretty lofty, but it has been my main goal since my pre-teen years. Have I always been true to fulfilling that goal? Umm, not always, but as the years have ticked by I recognize that initial goal — that vow I made way back when I was about 12 — takes on more import.

For the most part, I have skated through this life relatively unscathed. I’ve been blessed with very few adversities. So it’s been easy to focus on my ultimate goal.

To get through this life, to go on this journey, I’ve had to set goals — human goals — along the way. When I was  12, my goal was to be the next Roy Campanella or Yogi Berra. A broken finger ended that aspiration pretty quickly.

While going to school my goal was to be the next electrical engineering superstar. When I couldn’t get a simple kit TV to ever work … STOP

I quickly reconsidered my goal.

When I got married, my goal was to be the best husband I could be. Over the years I think I was fairly successful in achieving that goal, although I will be the first to admit there were far to many shortcomings on my part.

When my first born came into the world, my goal was to be the best father I could possibly be — fair yet firm, lead by example, coach and teach, always support. With each of the next four children, I reaffirmed that goal. As the grandkids and great-grandkids started showing up, I renewed that vow. My role — my goal — has been to lead them in the direction for ultimate peace. History will judge whether I was successful or not.

When I started working, my goal was to learn and hone my craft, which led me and the family to five states. Each time I vowed to present life in a fair and balanced way through words and stories written. Again, history will be the ultimate judge.

In this stage of life, I look at my ultimate goal with fresh eyes, using my bully pulpit on this blog, social media and my books to show ways I have used to get through this journey called life … one soul at a time.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The greatest treasure is not seen with the eyes but felt with the heart.

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7 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Goal

  1. Bruce R. Matthew says:

    Hi Joe….good topic

    When I was young, I had goals. I was an architectural drafting student at DBT. My dream was to be an architect, but I never realized this goal. However, I did use my drafting skills in my work life. This also gave me structure in my life. My attitude was to do my very best with everything in my life. I ended up becoming an operations manager, later in my life. I excelled at every occupation I attempted.

    I’ve been through adversity too. When I was 20 years old, I served a tour of duty in Vietnam. I survived my one year tour of duty, and I came home. I thought I could come home and just be normal again. Looking back now, I realize how wrong I was about being normal again. I had developed PTSD, and I didn’t realize how serious this condition can be. The nightmares, the flashbacks, those awful memories that I did not want to recall. Having PTSD is like having a ghost following someone around, and the ghost will not allow someone to find any peace. After many years, I finally went to the VA and asked for help. I did receive therapy and medication, and I slowly began to recover. The PTSD is chronic and will always be there, but I have learned to manage the symptoms much better. There is a saying: There are no winners in war, only survivors.

    My goal was to complete my tour of duty, and come home alive and be in relatively one piece. I did accomplish this goal, and although there were more difficulties ahead, I survived this also.

    I’m also a cancer survivor, and I survived a divorce. When I was in my late 20s, I was electrocuted, died a physical death, had a NDE, and came back to life. I would definitely define myself as a survivor.

    I now realize that when someone goes through adversity, if it doesn’t kill you, it will make you stronger, and develop character within you. Life is a journey, and we makes mistakes along our journeys. Life is a learning experience. We are supposed to learn something from the mistakes we have made in our lives. Not to feel guilty, or adopt a negative state of mind, because this is counter productive. But to find something positive about a negative experience. Remember that every dark cloud has a silver lining. What should we contemplate on ? The dark cloud, or the silver lining ? When life knocked me down, I got back up and continued on with my life. I walked through a storm, and then the sun appeared in the sky again. Always try to see the positive side of life.


  2. The goals I had were temporal,
    cars and cribs and bling;
    so vain, and so ephemeral;
    now I want a different thing.
    My feet were swept from under me
    As cancer shook my land.
    as I fell through eternity,
    I was snatched up by His Hand.
    There are brighter things to do,
    and I shall do them yet,
    not caring what I must go through,
    so goodbye, gold-flake Corvette.
    I’ll witness to that blazing Love,
    raise words and arms to Him, above.


  3. Koko says:

    Hello. Love it. Thanks for sharing. You’ve been at this a while. Your contributions are always appreciated.


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