As I was juggling accounts the other day, I glanced at the television, on only as background. There was an ad for a Mercedes E-Class sedan, highlighting its distinctive styling, class-leading safety and trailblazing technology. And it only starts at $53,500. I mean, who doesn’t need one?

The incident opened my mind to the exotic pitches out there — through advertising and social media and even news stories. There was a Netflix pitch where a guy goes into a store to buy a suit. Price $12,500. There was a news story where a Robert E. Lee statue removed from a Dallas park sold for $1.4 million after a bidding war. Elton John concert tickets start at $349. Tom Cruise’s Telluride, CO, estate remains on the market for a mere $59 million.

While that’s all just wishful thinking for Joe and Mary Average, the reality is there are people out there who can make those purchases without blinking an eye. It must be nice. Just once in my life I would love to make a purchase without having to consider ramifications. It would be great to have a discretionary income at your disposal.

Joe and Mary Average do buy things … sometimes even extravagant things. But we have to fit it into a tight budget. And we can dream.

Oh, look, Prince pasta is on sale for a buck!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Always believe tomorrow will be better than today.

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4 Responses to Dreaming

  1. There once was a trader named Larry
    who could easily buy a Ferrari.
    He floored, yelled, “Whee!”,
    and then into a tree,
    and there wasn’t enough left to bury.


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