Reeling in the Line

In his Ministry Toolbox newsletter, Rick Warren emphasizes the importance of offering listeners an opportunity to respond to the gospel. He says, “I believe we should always offer unbelievers an opportunity to respond to Christ in a seeker-service. They may choose to not respond, and you must respect that without pressuring them, but I feel the opportunity must always be offered. Too many pastors go fishing without ever reeling in the line or drawing in the net.”

Warren’s advice to pastors can be applied to the rest of us as well. When we offer our opinions or thoughts, we have to recognize there will be those who disagree. They may choose to not respond and we should always respect their decision. That doesn’t mean the thought isn’t disseminated.

I, for one, will offer my opinions — without pressure to agree. I will do that over and over and over. I will also be open to start a constructive dialogue. That’s “reeling in the line or drawing in the net.”

When it comes to faith, I would be honored to walk any or all of you through the discovery process. I may not have all the answers but I know where they are found. And if you’re not comfortable with me, I know others who would be more than willing to walk you through. And if you’re not comfortable with them, find a good Christian friend to walk with you.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: People don’t care how much you know until they know how much you care. — Amish Proverb

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3 Responses to Reeling in the Line

  1. I’m speaking from the depths of Hades
    and thus, you’d better listen well
    for what goes into this report is
    the best Grace I’ll ever tell.
    They said the pain would isolate
    and drive me far from those I love,
    that I would be consumed with hate;
    but they didn’t count on Him Above.
    I’m closer now than ever was
    to what this life’s supposed to mean
    and to me, it’s all because
    God stepped in to set the scene.
    If you ask why I still battle cancer,
    “It’s all for Love” is the final answer.


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