Instant Messaging: What the Kids Type and Mean

Do you know what your kids or grandkids are saying when they use instant messaging?

Of course not! They have a code that’s intended to leave you in the dark.

This is an old list from Kim Komando, but for instance, if a child types a message that consists solely of a number, such as 5, that means his/her parent is in the room. When they double that number up, such as 55, that means the coast is clear.

Here are some other codes the kids use when instant messaging:

POS: Parent is over my shoulder, so watch what you say.

POP: Parent is on the prowl and could walk in any moment.

SOS: Sibling over shoulder who will tell on me.

ASL: What’s your age, sex and location?

TTYL: Talk to you later.

BRB: Be right back.

HHOK: Ha, ha, only kidding.

MOATM: Music on at the moment.

LQ: Laughing quietly because someone is in the room.

G2G: Gotta go!

CTN: Can’t talk now.

Any updates you would like to add to the list?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Have health and hope and happiness.

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