Five Minute Friday — Lack

Happy Five Minute Friday time.

Seriously, it’s time to jot down some thoughts on this week’s prompt — LACK — courtesy of Kate Motaugn (in the Community section at and the krazy krew of FMF followers. We get the prompt, we ponder, we write, we share … and our ranks swell!

If you’ve followed this blog at all, you know how much value FMF has for me. I’ve asked you to join in [you really, really should]. It’s quick. It’s easy {okay, sometimes not always}. It’s challenging. And it’s oh so rewarding. But don’t take my word for it. Here is what Tammy has to say, taken from snippets in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. Don’t listen to me. Listen to her.

“As a writer, FMF points me in a direction. There are so many things I’d like to write that I find myself paralyzed and writing nothing. It is also beautiful to see the different perspective on the same word.”

The timer is set so let’s share my perspective this week. GO…

What if?

Famous last words for authors … and artist … and people in general. What if I write something and no one reads it? What if my words don’t make an impact? What if I’m not qualified to write from this particular point of view? What if …? What if …?

As artists, we put ourselves down because of fear. And it almost always stems back to a lack of faith, a lack of confidence and/or a lack of self-esteem or self-confidence.

Of course, this isn’t just a malady for authors or artists. Everyday people face it every day. Am I qualified for this project? Will the boss appreciate the effort? Will it make a difference?

And our spiritual life is also affected. Am I worthy enough? What qualifications do I have to share my faith? What can I do? Do I really believe or am I just going through the motions?

Hmm. Weighty issues. We have to … STOP

somehow overcome this lack of faith in ourselves. As writers, while we do write for an audience, the underlying force is self-satisfaction. As an artist, each stroke of the brush is for satisfaction in the artist’s mind long before the finished canvas is presented to the masses. In our everyday lives, we are most satisfied when we know we did the task at hand to the best of our ability. In our spiritual life, we are at peace when we “feel” the presence of God.

More often, in all cases, when we fail to achieve our full potential it is because of the fear we are “lacking” some skill.

Truth is, we aren’t lacking any skills. We have exactly the skills ordained by God — to write, to paint, to function in everyday life, to share our faith.

Poetry is not my writing genre. I will never be an artist. While I am an ordained Elder, I look at my ministry as my career and life station, not standing on the short side of a pulpit. But I don’t lack in those skills. I just wasn’t designed with them.

Lack of faith in ourselves and God. I have to keep reminding myself of Jesus’ words in the boat during a storm.“Why are you afraid? Do you still have no faith?” (Mark 4:40)

May it not be so.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Realize it’s never too late.


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9 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Lack

  1. What if all I said meant nothing,
    would I have to slit my wrists?
    What if all the words were bluffing
    and it’s time to use my fists?
    Could I step away from dreams,
    and enter into the bloody ring
    where the currency is the screams
    of those who’re losing everything?
    Could I minister to the damaged
    with a heart that’s wounded too?
    Could I bring hope to the ravaged,
    hoping that the ministry’s true?
    There is so much that I lack,
    but I’m here, dude, and I’ve got your back.


  2. Lesley says:

    I think a lack of faith in ourselves is something most of us struggle with at times. I like your perspective that it’s not that we lack certain skills but that we weren’t designed with them. It’s true- God gives us all we need for the things he has called us to.


  3. Pam Dow says:

    Thanks for sharing! Yes…fear can definitely hold us back as writers. I’m learning to be brave…one week…one post at a time.


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