Changing the Standard

Our Words for the Week this time around come from Alan Smith and his Thought For The Day.

Conductor to orchestra at the beginning of a rehearsal: “Please get your pencils out … we have some marking to do on this score: “The first two bars are in 3/4, not 4/4 as written. Next, in the 5th bar, change it to 7/8 and this remains to the end. Now, in bar 7 we lower the pitch 1/2 step. In bar 13, lower the pitch one whole step and this will remain to the end. “Thank you. Now, let us begin.”

Soprano soloist: “Excuse me, Maestro. What would you like for me to change?”

Conductor: “Nothing, madam. Just sing it exactly as you did yesterday.”

When we vary from the standard, there are two things we can do. We can alter our lives to meet the standard, or (as in the story above) we can alter the standard and expect everyone else to meet this new flawed standard.

The spiritual application should be readily apparent. What should we do when someone is teaching that which is not according to the Word of God, our spiritual standard? Do we hold to the standard and require them to comply, or do we attempt to change the standard?

There can be no choice — the standard cannot change. Breaking the scale won’t fix our weight problem, breaking the mirror won’t change the way we look, and changing (or ignoring) God’s Word won’t make our sinful behavior acceptable.

The word of the Lord endures forever (I Peter 1:25).

THOUGH TO REMEMBER: Within you are so many answers.

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3 Responses to Changing the Standard

  1. When you say that sin is real
    and evil must be fought,
    the world will offer you a deal;
    can you perhaps be bought?
    If you strive for tolerance
    and respect for others’ views
    you will have all sorts of friends
    and gentle interviews.
    But if you hold to your rule
    of keeping God’s instruction,
    they’ll berate you widely as a fool
    and plot your grim destruction.
    The choice of what we will become
    may well include martyrdom.

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