Five Minute Friday — Reward

Whether it’s Friday, Saturday or sometimes Sunday or later, I’m compelled to participate in the Five Minute Friday exercise, much like a schoolboy with an assignment — and it’s been a lot of years since I’ve been in school!

Our hostess, Kate Motaung sums up the community. “Five Minute Friday is a weekly testimony of the creativity of our God. Every weekend, I step back and smile at the way God takes a single word and turns it into a fountain of varied inspiration. I love seeing the many avenues that branch out from the same starting point, and how some travel the same path, but with their own stride. Five Minute Friday has taught me that God is a creative God. When we come together in community, gathering around the same prompt, we reflect His image through our unity and diversity.”


The prompt word is developed at a Twitter party Thursday night and released at 10 p.m. From there, the creativity begins … all writing unscripted for five minutes (or so) on the prompt word. And, of course, we meet and greet at her place (in the Community section at to share and network. It’s fun, fun, fun and keeps our neurons sharp. It’s that simple. It’s fun, energizing and keeps your mind active amid the daily routine. You should check out some of the work at Kate’s  place or, better yet, try you hand at it.

The prompt this week is REWARD. The time has been set, so I guess it’s time to GO …

When I saw this week’s prompt, my mind immediately raced to a Ray Boltz song. Ironically, it was Thank You, but the words I remember most were near the end when the Lord speaks to the new heavenly recruit, “My child, look around you, great us your reward.”

That’s what my blogs are all about. That’s what my life is all about. It’s not the accolades or even the expectation of the Lord patting me on the back. No, it’s making a difference — a small difference sometimes — in other people’s lives and steering them to Jesus and His Love.

I try to never proselytize through this medium. Preaching and converting is above my pay grade. Instead, I try to be a simple conduit linking the Lord with others’ hearts so they can see the Love I see, the Hope I have, the Faith I believe. I try to be the mirror reflecting the Light, not the flame.

My prayer … STOP

is when I show up at the Pearly Gates I get an opportunity to see the people I influenced to seek that special relationship with the Lord. I’m not looking for any thank yous, but my heart will leap if I hear the words from the Lord, “My child, look around you, great is your reward.”

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: When you feel like giving up, remember why you held on for so long in the first place.

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7 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Reward

  1. jerralea says:

    We are ambassadors for Christ, representing Him here on the earth. I think you have a good goal – reflecting the love of the Father.


  2. You influenced me, and I am more grateful than I can ever say.

    Standing in the depths of hell
    I’m smoke-stained by the flames
    but I have tried to say this well
    to many, and I know not the names.
    There is transcenence in the pain
    and fear and mortal dread
    for God will see you safely through
    even if you end up dead.
    This life is not a fancy feast,
    not even for the coolest cat,
    but Christ died for the very least
    of these, so devil, take ye THAT!
    Stand fast in fire, His Love in your heart;
    you and your Saviour will never part.

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  3. Cindy says:

    I have always loved that song and wouldn’t it be wonderful to hear those words! Thank you for sharing!


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