How Small/Big Is Your God?

Dick Innes of Acts International provides us with this week’s Words for the Week.

Many people write to Acts International needing counseling for personal problems. Many, too, are seeking answers to questions about God that many of us struggle with from time to time. From time to time I, too, have questions about God that I cannot even begin to fathom, and I often tell others that we won’t have answers to some of these questions until we get to Heaven.

It reminds me of something Michael Green wrote in Illustrations for Biblical Preaching.

Augustine, while puzzling over the doctrine of the Holy Trinity, was walking along the beach one day when he observed a young boy with a bucket, running back and forth to pour water into a little hole. Augustine asked, “What are you doing?” The boy replied, “I’m trying to put the ocean into this hole.”

It was then Augustine realized that he had been trying to put an infinite God into his finite mind.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: “Understanding” is much deeper than “knowledge”. There are many people who know us, but very few who understand us.

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5 Responses to How Small/Big Is Your God?

  1. Did you ever realise
    (and for most, I think it’s true)
    that when it’s Christ you visualize
    He’s always taller than you?
    He’s always got an inch or three,
    more muscle, twenty pounds?
    A bigger Man can help you see
    just how salvation sounds.
    We need a God of beefy brawn
    but not quite out of reach,
    who’ll help us when we mow the lawn
    and turn heads at the beach.
    We’re in His image, either sex,
    but man, I wish I had His pecs!

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  2. Bruce R. Matthew says:

    Hi Joe….”trying to put his infinite God into his finite mind”. This is like trying to put 2000 pounds into a 5 pound bag. Trying to understand spiritual matters with a human mind doesn’t work well. As you know, I had a NDE over 40 years ago. At first, I had lots of questions trying to understand what just happened. But as 40 years elapsed, I was able to understand the meaning of my experience. I was given a preview of the afterlife, and it’s beautiful beyond description. Also, my spiritual mind was activated, and I can now understand things that I couldn’t understand before.

    So many people live their lives in fear of a God who they think is some kind of an ogre. But by my experience, He was the most loving, caring, kindest, gentlest, and understanding creature I have even encountered. I was treated with complete acceptance and perfect unconditional love. We are all human, and we are imperfect creatures. We aren’t expected to be perfect in our human lives. We are just expected to do the best we can. Making mistakes is part of being human. It’s part of the learning curve of life. Remember the old adage: To err is human, but to forgive is Divine.


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