It’s time to share this week’s Words for the Week.

This comes from an an older (2007) story in the Chicago Tribune as discovered in the newsletter, Preaching Now, via Wit and Wisdom and Acts International. Unfortunately, it hasn’t gotten any better.

So, here’s today’s Words for the Week.

Cheating is certainly not new on campus, but the prevalence may be at an all-time high. Seventy-four percent of business school undergraduates admit to having cheated at some point in college, compared with the 68% of the general student population. Students recognize cell cheat sheets, phone texts and writing answers on the insides of water bottle labels are obviously wrong.

Cheating has become so common some students do not even recognize it. In 2002, 40% of college students did not think “cut and paste” plagiarism from the Internet was even moderate cheating, and 47% of high school students do not think it is wrong to try to find out answers from others who may have taken a test previously.

While students become more creative, many researchers say the problem lies beyond the classroom with students simply emulating what they see work in the “real” world.

Isn’t that sad!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: There is no pit so deep but God’s love is deeper still, — Corrie ten Bloom

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