On Training Up Children

Words for the week. Sometimes they’re deep. Sometimes they’re inspiring. Sometimes they’re instructional. And sometimes … they’re more on the lighter side.

The latter takes stage this week as I share a tongue-in-cheek message from Chapnotes, as cited on www.witandwisdom.org

On Training Up Children

One man says he had a great speech for parents. It was called, “How to Raise Your Children.” He traveled on speaking tours in the midwestern United States and was paid a high honorarium for the talk. “This guy will wow you,” people said.

Then this famous speaker had his first child. His majestic speech lost its punch at 2  a.m. with the baby in full cry. But he kept trying. He renamed his new, modified speech, “Some Suggestions for Parents,” and charged bravely on.

He and his wife had two more children. The speech changed again. And again. Now it’s called, “Feeble Hints for Fellow Strugglers,” and he begins with the question: “Does anyone here have a few words of wisdom?”

As a father of five, I CAN relate!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: God doesn’t want you to sacrifice fun for Him. He wants you to bring Him into your fun.

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