We Come to You, Lord

I hope this becomes a Saturday fixture. I know the requests are on my prayer list and I hope you consider putting them on yours as you place your petitions before the Lord Sunday.

Andrew, despite pain and suffering, shared his request with a poem with prelude “And I need your prayers. More than you may know.

I’ve got a lump upon my chest
that hurts with every breath.
I’m God’s hands, it’s for the best
but it’s got me scared to death.
I’ve always been a hard-assed thug
for whom fear’s been a stranger
but now I really need a hug
to help me hide from danger.
I’ve always been the one who’s paid
my way through pain, and more,
but today I’m scared, and needing aid
to swim to the fatal shore.
So I ask your arms, though far away
to help me stay afloat this day.”

Another friend, Bill, advised me he was going for closed heart surgery, not blockage issues, just heart rhythm issues. “Good news,” he reports, “I will totally healed and healthy again by end of February.”

Julia asks for prayers for upcoming laser surgery at the end of the month, while another Bill also undergoes surgery this week.

I also heard from Christine letting me know my good friend Mary Alice passed away last week.

Marala put it all into perspective with the simple “Trust God.”

We come to You, Lord, with that declarative statement in mind, “Trust You!” We may be broken and battered but recognize You heal and quiet the soul. We acknowledge You are the source for all that happens in our lives. We thank you for the many blessings we have received this week — some we unfortunately didn’t notice. Nonetheless, those blessings are ever-present in our lives. We thank You for healing. We thank You for slowing us down. We thank You for providing us our daily needs — no more and no less. We thank You for being with us, listening to us, walking with us on this journey. We thank You for the support of our family and friends … for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary — sunrises, sunsets, flowers, kids laughing, adventures, good news amid the bad news like David’s. We also know we can come to You with our concerns and they will be heard. We lift up those family members and friends who are battling various physical, emotional, financial, career or spiritual issues and ask not for Your healing (although that would be welcomed) and guidance but to keep reminding us we are not alone in our battles. Specifically we lift up Andrew, Bill, Julia, Bill, and the family and friends of Mary Alice and all those You have called home. We grieve … You celebrate. We come to You in Jesus’ most holy name, as we pray for obedience to Your Will so Your Light shines through us. Amen.

Keep your joys and concerns coming. They have been and will be included during my prayer time and I trust they will be on the lips of my followers as well. All it takes is a couple of keystrokes under the “Contact Me” button on the top bar {and I believe to the right if you’re not a follower yet}. I hope it becomes your best friend as you navigate around the site. You can also comment or reach me at wisdomfromafather@gmail.com.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Here is a test to find whether your mission on earth is finished: If you’re alive, it isn’t.

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2 Responses to We Come to You, Lord

  1. My thanks, with all my heart
    I offer you, my friend;
    for taking my side and part
    in seeing me to the end.
    I will speak to God of you,
    I’ll sing your praises loud;
    And when my speech to God is through,
    you can bet He’ll be real proud.
    His faithful servant you can been
    through joy and pain and loss,
    and we who love you, we have seen
    the glory in salvation’s cost.
    For you, Christ drank from that cup;
    He delights as you hold His banner up.


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