Let’s pray

I hope this becomes a Saturday fixture. I know the requests are on my prayer list and I hope you consider putting them on yours as you place your petitions before the Lord Sunday.

June shares her great-grandson Jaiken was born at 30 weeks and remains in the NICU in Salt Lake City, UT. His parents live in Rock Springs, WY, and have to stay with the baby at least another month so everything is piling up and very costly. Jaiken is doing well and is at five pounds now but is struggling breathing. His lungs and brain weren’t developed … but he is a fighter. Please pray for Krysta and Jake.  A Facebook fundraiser page has been set up at Krysta & Jake. 

Kirah admires my desire to bring my followers together through prayer. She does have a prayer request for her oldest daughter. She is in her 40s, recently separated (not her choice) with a 16 year old daughter and 18 tear old son. She feels unworthy. Kirah’s prayer is her daughter will see herself as Jesus sees her, and He will direct her thoughts and choices when it comes to moving forward. Thank you for providing this forum. Blessings on you!

Joys reported included one from David, who reported the CT scan showed cancer has not entered bones/organs. The doctors are optimistic. They will remove prostate cancer and proceed with radiation and chemo. He asks the date to mark for special prayer is Jan. 25 when he meets with surgeon and starts tests.

Concerns have come from Scott who is battling depression; Toni, dealing with an unexpected death; Sean who is under spiritual attack; William, who’s daughter has had a persistent cough; Rob, whose father is having back problems; Andrea, whose mom is in critical condition and is going in for emergency surgery; the R Family, whose dad is tired, depressed and ready to call it quits on God, Bible, etc.; and Keegan, who has been sick for four months.

So … keep your joys and concerns coming. They will be included while I’m on my knees and I trust they will be on the lips of my followers as well. All it takes is a couple of keystrokes under the “Contact Me” button on the top bar {and I believe to the right if you’re not a follower yet}. I hope it becomes your best friend as you navigate around the site. You can also comment or reach me at wisdomfromafather@gmail.com.

Lord, we come to You broken and battered but recognize You heal and quiet the soul. We acknowledge You are the source for all that happens in our lives. We thank you for the many blessings we have received this week — some we unfortunately didn’t notice. Nonetheless, those blessings are ever-present in our lives. We thank You for healing. We thank You for slowing us down. We thank You for providing us our daily needs — no more and no less. We thank You for being with us, listening to us, walking with us on this journey. We thank You for the support of our family and friends … for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary — sunrises, sunsets, flowers, kids laughing, adventures, good news amid the bad news like David’s. We also know we can come to You with our concerns and they will be heard. We lift up those family members and friends who are battling various physical, emotional, financial, career or spiritual issues and ask not for Your healing (although that would be welcomed) and guidance but to keep reminding us we are not alone in our battles. Specifically we lift up Krysta and Jake, Kirah’s daughter, Scott, Toni, Sean, William, Rob, Andrea, the R Family and Keegan. In Jesus’ most holy name, we pray for obedience to Your Will so Your Light shines through us. Amen.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: A good exercise for the heart is to bend down and help another up.

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