This Day

It started as a way to spend time praying for my family, friends and faith partners and share with them some nugget of encouragement for the week. Sometimes it’s a sentence. Sometimes a paragraph. Sometimes a story. I’ve discovered each one had a special meaning to some one at some time. The message just resonated with them at just the time they needed it most. I never know who until after the fact.

The messages — while typically from Christian sources — have universal appeal. Today, I’ll share some words from Ray Lammie, a four time cancer survivor who spent 40 years of his life as a successful business executive and entrepreneur in a nationwide business. After retiring in 2006, Lammie pursued cancer support, business consulting, co-authored two books, organized numerous charity events and both played and managed amateur baseball. Among Ray’s most notable accomplishments was the launching of two Internet based projects, Thought for Today which targeted the business community with powerful, positive thought provoking thoughts and quotes, which later gave birth to the Faith Thought of the Day, a daily bible based devotional. Both were sent to recipients worldwide and were featured on several faith based websites. His inspirational and uplifting books were Random Thoughts on Life and Thoughts in Color and Black and White which were intended for people around the world in need of emotional encouragement. He died in 2009.

Yes, I read today’s excerpt in Random Thoughts on Life and yes, I did pattern this ministry after Ray’s work. So, here’s this week’s words for the week…

This Day

I was given a most precious gift this morning when I woke up. It’s a gift I never received before. It’s one I can’t keep, can’t return, can’t save, and don’t know how well it will really work. I do know it’s a most wonderful and beautiful gift. I hope I value and appreciate it enough to use it wisely. That gift is “this day!” Enjoy yours and make it a very special one.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: What’s happened in your past is not nearly as important as what is in your future. Where you’re going is much more significant than where you’ve been. — Joel Osteen

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