As I try to make this blog more interactive, I’ll slide into what I hope becomes a Saturday fixture — Prayer-Care-Share.

It’s been a slow transition, but the intent of this category is first and foremost to bring your words of praise and joy and prayer requests and concerns to the foot of the cross. After the public prayer that follows, I invite you to include them in yours as well as you lay down petitions on the Sunday altar.

Dear Father, You are most holy. And yet You reached down to us asking simply for us to talk with You … to thank You for Your providence, but more important, to allow us to share our worries and concerns with You. You already know them, but by speaking them to You, we are moved to realize You are in complete control. These words are not for Your benefit — they are for ours. And so, Father, we thank You for the blessings we’ve received this week — the biggest being seven more days. We thank You for the support of our family and friends … for seeing the extraordinary in the ordinary — sunrises, sunsets, flowers, kids laughing, adventures. We lift up those family members and friends who are battling various physical, emotional, financial, career or spiritual issues and ask not for Your healing (although that would be welcomed) and guidance but to keep reminding us we are not alone in our battles. You are walking with us every step of the  way. We  have to remember that. Lord, You are the Potter, we are the clay vessels carrying Your Light in an often dark world. In Jesus’ name, we pray for obedience to and cognizance of Your Will so Your Light shines through us. Amen.

Also in this category, I will be sharing a blog post or thought sent to me as part of the outreach. Today’s thought is from Barbara from Dover-Foxcroft (ME) United Methodist Church.

Praise God, who did not ignore my prayer or withdraw His unfailing love from me. Psalm 66:20.

Our little four year old great-grandson said grace for our meal as we visited. A, B, C, D, E, F, G…thank You, God, for feeding me. At four, he understands his love for Jesus. We should thank God, and talk to God, as these little ones do. Take the time to know Jesus and talk with Him. Our Lord is always listening to all of us, no matter our age. Jesus is always in our presence and eager to hear from us.

Our prayer: Dear Jesus, thank You for patiently listening to us as we pray and even as we talk to You and as we sing to You. Even when we forget and do it late after we forget to open up to You. Amen.

Of course for this segment to “work”, it needs your input. On the top bar {and I believe to the right if you’re not a follower yet} there is a “Contact Me” button. I hope it becomes your best friend as you navigate around the site.

I don’t want this venue to be one-sided. My vision is to use the platform as a clearinghouse for sharing, caring and, most important, prayer.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Sometimes in the problems, sadnesses or even stresses of the day we can have moments of feeling utterly alone. The good news? We’re not!

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