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I sent out my weekly Words for the Week Monday to family and friends. To my surprise, the jury is out whether the sweet sentiment was uplifting or a bust. So, I’ll share it with you for your thoughts.

One of the Nicest Birthday Presents

“Perhaps because of my Navy training, punctuality has been almost an obsession. Rosalynn has always been adequately punctual, except by my standards. A deviation of five minutes or less in our departure time would cause a bitter exchange.

“One morning I realized it was Rosalynn’s birthday and I hadn’t brought her a present. What could I do that would be special for her? I hurriedly wrote a note: ‘Happy birthday! As proof of my love, I will never make an unpleasant comment about tardiness.’ I signed it and delivered it in an envelope, with a kiss.

“More than four years later, I still keep my promise. It has turned out to be one of the nicest birthday presents for Rosalynn — and for me.” (Quoted in Reader’s Digest, July 1989)

I thought it was sweet … a man making a promise to his wife — and keeping it for four years.

My friends had a different take. The women who commented tended to think the guy was a jerk for forgetting his wife’s birthday {good point}. One said it ended up being a sweet gesture — especially since he kept his promise — but added, “A little bling wouldn’t have hurt.”

One guy said he would never get away with a promissory note. Another just texted back a series of laughing emojis. There were no thumbs up … but quite a few thumbs down.

So, it appears my inspirational words for the week this week was a dud. I guess you win some and you lose some.

What do you think?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Give more than is required.

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