Five Minute Friday — Moment

I know it’s Friday. I’m on time for Five Minute Friday exercise. {shock, shock}.

As I’ve said many times, is it’s not the day, but the discipline. It doesn’t matter whether it’s Friday {the chosen date for most}, Saturday {my usual default}, Sunday or the middle of next week. The community responds to carve out five minutes of unscripted writing, post it, link up at Kate’s spot on Facebook at and encourage our writing neighbors as we visit and see their take on our common prompt.

Lately, I’ve also been sharing some of those experiences as chronicled in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. This week, I’ll share words from Pamela. I hope her words inspire you to join our writing club.

“FMF has been a sweet, safe space to gather with a community of writers. In moments when I needed to exercise my writing muscle, but was hesitant for any number of reasons, it was the gentle push of encouragement saying, ‘Just write. Don’t worry about how it sounds or what others will think of it. You are a writer. Your thoughts are valid and valuable. Take five minutes of fearless abandon and write on.’ ”

There you go. The word this week is MOMENT. The timer is set for five minutes, so let’s GO…

Missed it.

Oops, too slow.

Missed it again.

Moments are fleeting, an instant in time. Don’t we all get caught up in the moment, only to find ourselves unsatisfied?

Hmmm. But what happens when you string those moments together. They become memories. They become events. They become a part of who we are.

I’m just as guilty as anyone, trying to capture just the right moment — for that photo, for that interaction. Often it’s a split-second too late and instead of seeing the whole picture of the scene, we become disillusioned.

It’s like writers. Individually, the keystrokes are just letters forming words, but when strung together they form a sentence. And the sentence forms a paragraph. And the paragraphs form a scene. And the scenes form a chapter. And the chapters form  a story — our story that traces its ancestry back to a single moment.

Our life … STOP

is a series of stories, too. We weave the moments. We set the scenes. We establish the interactions. We connect the connections. We validate the goals.

Seize this moment … and the next … and the next. Form your sentences. Live your scenes. Write your story.

From this moment  on…

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Do what makes you happy but consider how it will affect those you love.


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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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1 Response to Five Minute Friday — Moment

  1. Not going to miss it.

    The local profesional rugby club will be having tryouts in the spring, and I’m going to be there. Cancer or not. I asked Barb if she was afraid I’d hold back in the ruck. She said she’s afraid I would NOT.

    One more hour on that field of blood and dreams. God, give me one more hour…one moment.

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