Five Minute Friday – Rain

Happy Five Minute Saturday {Friday}!

The post is {as is usually my norm} a day late, but the rules remain the same. Ponder the weekly prompt. Nothing too pithy, just honest as the words flow from the brain through the fingers. Keep it limited to five minutes {or so} with limited editing. Link at Kate’s place on Facebook at and sit back and enjoy other posts from other writers.

In fact, I’ve been using testimonials about the group and the exercise from other members as collected in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Flat. This week’s it’s from Joanne. I encourage you to listen to the words and visit Kate and her wonderful corps of writers … and maybe be inspired to join in!

“When I started participating in the FMF linkup, I was not sure what t o expect. The idea of writing for five minutes on the same one word was intriguing, in and of itself. But the community of women [and some men] soon became a place I looked forward to each week. The FMF community has come to mean connection, encouragement, warmth, and more. Often it is in this community that I have found confirmation of the very truth God has been whispering into my heart throughout the week. FMF has become an intersection of God’s Word and friendship over my morning coffee each Friday morning. I have not yet walked away disappointed.”

When I heard this week’s prompt — RAIN — I immediately thought of the many “rain” songs I might be hearing on the drive back to Maine following a dry week in New York. There were none. No Purple Rain. No Rainy Night in Georgia. No Rhythm of the Rain. No Have You Ever Seen the Rain. Not even Singing in the Rain. No Bring the Rain or Rain/Reign. So without the drippy backdrop, you’re stuck with just plain vanilla thoughts. Nonetheless, the timer is set so it’s time to GO…

I love rain. The patter of the drops on the windows or the roof. The blip sound in the puddles. I love the smell of fresh rain. It has a cleansing effect.

Of course, too much in a short time can be problematic, but a gentle rain soothes the soul — at least mine.

I like walking in the rain as well. I am mesmerized by the ripples in the puddles … especially if I’m the one making the ripples. It’s especially refreshing on a warm summer night or day. I love watching the splash as cars hit the water. It reminds me of the ebb and flow of the ocean.

Rain comes in its season — carefully designed by the Architect. It waters the plants; it brings green to a brown landscape; it grows the fruits and vegetables. It is a necessary aspect of life.

Rainy Days and Mondays — they don’t get me down. They buoy me up.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Everyone has to start somewhere. Wherever you start, give 110%.


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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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8 Responses to Five Minute Friday – Rain

  1. I enjoyed your post, and I enjoy rainy days too. Today I picked a handful of grapes off the arbor and considered them already washed since it was raining. We needed the rain.
    Blessings ~ Wendy Mac


  2. And I wonder,
    still I wonder,
    who’ll stop the rain…

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  3. Barbie says:

    Stopping in from #71 at the FMF. I’m your neighbor. I loved reading your post!


  4. nfwriter says:

    Fun descriptions! Thanks for posting!

    Liked by 1 person

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