Five Minute Friday — Thirteen

Welcome to the Saturday installment of Five Minute Friday. Actually, I wasn’t sure if I’d even be able to pen some words this week. I had a full Friday, a book meet & greet planned Saturday — I opted out because of the weather, rain and books don’t get along –followed by volunteering at a Kiwanis event Saturday night and the start of 1,200 mil quick trip to South Carolina Sunday.

But since I had a few minutes and didn’t want the weekend to fly by without doing my assignment, here I am on the front end of the assignment (writing) and looking forward to linking with my Five Minute Friday friends at Kate’s place on Facebook at . It’s always exciting — and often informative — to see how my fellow FMF friends develop their thoughts in a variety of different genres. If you get a chance, stop by.

I’ve been sharing snippets taken from Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. They are a testament to the value of the exercise. This week, I’ll share some perspective from Laura who I hope inspires you to check us out … and maybe join in?

“FMF was one of the first online communities I found after starting a blog. These new friends offered an encouraging space and a welcoming place …to embrace the writing journey together.”

Okay. The prompt is the cryptic word THIRTEEN. It should be interesting to see how my fellow writers respond to the prompt.

The timer is set, so I guess it’s time to GO…

Thirteen. That’s an awkward age … not yet an adult but too old for the kids’ table.

I was reminded of the film 13 Going on 30 which illustrated — in an aloof way — the perils of turning from tween to teen. There are so many changes swirling around … physical, emotional and even spiritual. The things most kids felt were in their comfort kid zone suddenly disappeared. They were asked to assume {what} some responsibility … only they’re not always sure how to make that transition. They learn about peer relationships {the geeks, the mean girls and boys}, backstabbing, gender roles, BFFs.

Our 13 year olds will change physically, but we can influence their emotional and spiritual growth at this pivotal point in chronological time. While as parents and adults we can understand the emotional roller coaster, it’s time to start channeling their responses in appropriate ways. It’s time when boundaries are needed most.

We can understand them as they challenge just about everything around them — their beliefs … STOP

and their understanding of the world around them — or as I like to call it, the “whys” of life. Challenge is healthy. As adults, we don’t want a generation of robots. I always wanted my children to challenge me and themselves. It was my job to explain the “why” of my beliefs, but I could not — and would not — force their beliefs.

As our movie protagonist — a 13 year old in the body of a 30 year — found out her understanding of life will change over the next 17 years, but in the end, it’s the relationships and core beliefs forged at 13 that become the underpinning for life.

A strong foundation can withstand anything. Thirteen is a good time to make sure that foundation is strong. Lord knows, over the next few years it will be tested.

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: Offer people more grace than they deserve.


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