Social Media

I’m not a big social media fan. . II use it, but I’m not an every-minute online junkie.

I often find Facebook feeds disconcerting. In addition to the obvious political posts that do absolutely nothing to advance discussion, the drama is overwhelming. I really do not need to know what you had for breakfast, lunch and dinner {although I admit I am sometimes guilty of these posts, especially if I’ve tried something new}. And it really drives me bonkers when someone posts a cryptic message about being “sad” or “irritated” or whatever with no context … or any followup.

Some of the memes posted are entertaining, but a fair number of them are downright disgusting. And, doesn’t anyone know how to spell anymore?

On the plus side, Facebook is a way to keep in touch with family and friends from afar and what is affecting their lives. And it is a great information tool for communities. I feel connected with my roots in Paterson and northern New Jersey, my Don Bosco Tech and Five Minute Friday communities, Seaside Heights, Boone County, IL, and Dover-Foxcroft, ME. I do try to keep my posts positive.

I use Messenger for much of my communication as a supplement to e-mail. Again, I try to keep these positive as well. I also consider them more private that general Facebook posts.

I do have a Twitter account, but quite honestly, I’m rarely on it. I will get notifications of new tweets and check them out, but that’s about the extent of my use. I know the president has, but I haven’t figured out the value of tweets. Quite possibly it’s because I haven’t mastered the art of tweeting … and I’m not particularly inclined to do so.

Instagram. Pinterest. LinkedIn. Google+ YouTube. Tumblr. Just platforms I’ve heard about with little interest to join.

And that brings us to smart phones … or dumb people. To be sure, the newer phones {? is that even the right word} have become a staple in life. I can remember when phones were attached to the wall and even early models which were the size of oversized bricks. I think my first “cell” phone was a flip phone which sometimes — some times — actually connected me with the outside world by phone. It was more for emergency use than anything else.

Times have changed. My phone — and most others — are miniature computers. I do use it all the time to connect to the Internet, the share information, to send e-mails, to message, to find out who won last night’s ballgames, to check social media, listen to music and even, sometimes, to stream a television show or movie. However, in the last 10 days, I’ve made just four phone calls and received five.

Which brings us to the camera feature. I do take a lot of pictures with my phone, and, surprisingly, the quality is pretty good. I  take at least one a day to share with the family as a way to let them know I am alive and well and sometimes others of sights or events that catch my interest throughout the day. I rarely — if ever, except to crop or straighten — edit the photos. I’m a purist that way. I don’t believe in enhancing or altering the tone. What you see is what you should get, especially since the immediacy of the photos allows for do overs.

That goes for selfies, too. I am not a big fan of selfies. I have used them for specific reasons, but I don’t generally go around snapping pictures of myself. To me, they generally get distorted because of arm angles or are “backwards”. When people start manipulating the selfie with intended distortions, glasses, bows, mustaches or whatever, I just shake my head and move along.

That’s my social media rant for the day. I have to publish this post so it can be posted to Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: If no one is laughing at your dream, you aren’t dreaming big enough.



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4 Responses to Social Media

  1. There’s just not enough time in the day for social media.

    Or, in my case, there’s not enough life left.


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