Under my plan, I would just about be in upstate New York about now. I had a doctor’s appointment with my primary scheduled for Friday, my granddaughter’s graduation Saturday morning, a graduation party Saturday afternoon, visits with three of my kids over the weekend and a podcast with Harold Weber on FingerLakes1.com Monday afternoon. That was the plan.

It all came to a screeching halt Tuesday afternoon when my podiatrist strongly advised against driving the 594 miles back to New York. You see, my foot hasn’t completely recovered from its bout with cellulitis. While the foot temperature overall was good and consistent, it’s still a little swollen and there is a “hot spot” just under my ankle that is tender although not sore. She suggested I not drive to New York, not stand too long and elevate my foot as much as I can.

The door was closed on my plans, as I systematically advised family and friends of the decision to stay close to home in Maine this weekend.

What do they say about one door closing? That’s right, another opens … and opens … and opens.

First, my primary care physician — who has all the bloodwork and reports — felt we could skip the visit. The numbers are trending in the right direction — despite the cellulitis.

When I advised Harold I wouldn’t be able to visit the studio, he replied, “Well, there is more than one way to skin a cat. We can CALL YOU Monday afternoon and do the interview by phone. We can discuss the book, etc., etc.”

So, tune in to Weber This Week at 3 p.m. Monday at FingerLakes1.com. The podcast will remain online after the show as well.

Word travels fast in a small town, leading to Door 3. This weekend is the town’s famous Whoopie Pie Festival, which draws 10,000 plus visitors to our sleepy town for fun, food, entertainment, vendors and of course, whoopie pies. I initially planned on being one of the vendors, peddling my book, Heaven Shining Through. But given the weekend and my plans, I bowed out.

When word got out I had altered my plans and was sticking close to home, I received a call from Denise at the Chamber of Commerce today saying there was a vendor cancellation {vendor spots were full} and wondered if I would be interested in setting up a table — right in the middle of the vendor space and next to the entrance to the Kids Zone. That’s prime real estate, my friends! And all I have to do is sit there, chat with visitors and {hopefully} sell a few books.

The Whoopie Pie Festival — billed as one of the biggest one-day festivals in the state — includes whoopie pies of all kinds, shapes and sizes; whoopie pie bake-offs and eating contests; a food court; Kid’s Zone with rides and tons of activities for kids including rides and a magic and balloon show; entertainment; and over 80 vendors pitching everything from artwork to handmade crafts to, well, books.

I visited the festival my first year in Dover-Foxcroft and again last year. There truly is something for everyone. If you’re around Dover-Foxcroft Saturday, stop by.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Watch how a man treats his mother. He will treat you the same way.


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