Five Minute Friday — Simplify

It’s time to take five minutes on a specific word prompt and see what comes out: not a perfect post, not a profound post, just five minutes of focused writing.

Yes, it’s Five Minute Friday time. The format is simple. Set the timer for five minutes and write. Don’t worry about mistakes, grammar, fonts or punctuation … just write from your mind and heart. Then, post and encourage others who have braved the exercise by linking up at Kate’s spot on Facebook at That’s the fun part!

To entice you to check us out, I’ve also been sharing some of the experiences my fellow writers have shared as chronicled in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. This week, I’ll include the words contributed by an anonymous contributor. I hope the words inspire you to join our writing club.

“I’ll never forget the night the word prompt was FEAR. I thought THIS is fear. Writing for five minutes, no edits, no time to clarify or verify! But I did it and I felt free. Now? I don’t even sweat FMF — I have fun and love community of writers.”

This week’s prompt is SIMPLIFY. The time has been set, so I guess it’s time to GO…

When I retired, I thought my life would simplify. Hah! If anything, my life is more complex than ever, but you’ve probably heard that from retirees before.

There is a difference, though. I have shed the rigors of deadlines. I now fill my calendar at will … accepting invitations, meetings, activities as I see fit.

In the six months since I bid adieu to the work place, I have taken two major trips, finished my book, re-joined Kiwanis and gotten involved in the community and at the local church . That has kept me quite busy — an certainly not simplified.

I’m not complaining. In fact, I’m enjoying my new roles. The hustle and bustle keeps my mind active … something I saw too many friends sqander in their later years. I’ve enjoyed meeting new friends and learning more about my adopted community. … STOP

… But simplify is not a word I would use.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: What would you do if you knew for sure it is impossible to fail?



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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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4 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Simplify

  1. Oh, I’m jealous – shedding the rigors of deadlines – the tyranny of the urgent is a daily foe of mine. Love how you’ve encouraged other writers to face their fears and just write. Great job.

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  2. Loved this. I’ve still got a deadline, but maybe not the kind I’d prefer.


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