Five Minute Friday — Near

Time for this week’s installment of Five Minute Friday. It certainly creeps up on you … especially when you post last week’s late.

Five Minute Friday, of course, is a discipline where independent writers join together to transform thoughts on a specific prompt word from their minds through their fingers onto the screen for five minutes. Then we get together and share our pearls of wisdom {okay, some times they’re swine, but the intention is always good} at Kate’s spot on Facebook at

To entice you to check us out, I’ve also been sharing some of the experiences my fellow writers have shared as chronicled in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. This week, I’ll include the words contributed by Pamela. I hope her words inspire you to join our writing club.

“I can’t even begin to share what the Five Minute Friday Free Write did for me, during a particularly hard year. With the ‘negative voice’ volume turned down, I was free to LISTEN to the words I should have listened to all along and just WRITE. It was therapeutic, heartfelt and so, so good for the soul. It was amazing how one simple word could stir up so many different emotions, not only for me personally, but the other posts I read as well. I’m forever grateful for a chance to be part of such a great group of ‘God’s Children’.”

There you go. Another voice to listen to. Another reason to join the group.

Now for the task at hand. The prompt is NEAR and the time has been set, so it is time to GO…

I’m going to play with this week’s prompt. Instead of using it standalone, I’ll be incorporating it it phrases — near and far and near and dear.

Near and far seems appropriate since Angelina and I will be embarking on an adventure next week — approximately 3,500 miles throughout December featuring two football games, visits with each of my children individually, visits with other family and friends and a visit with a special lifelong friend I haven’t seen in years. In all, we’ll be resting our heads in 12 states, culminating with –weather permitting — First Night Ocean County on the Jersey shore.

Near and dear seems appropriate as well. As I indicated above, the trip will be chock full of visits with my children, grandchildren and at least one of my great-granddaughters, cousins I haven’t seen in years and a special visit with my best friend in Florida. We talk all the time, but we actually haven’t seen each other in abut 12 years.

The whirlwind trip also …STOP

… includes two football games with my Packers playing the Cleveland Browns Dec. 10 in Cleveland and the Carolina Panthers Dec. 17 in Charlotte.

And the best part is I am making these visits unencumbered by work demands. I can actually enjoy each and every second of the experience.

So, if you see this probably filthy Subaru with Maine plates, it could be me. Honk or wave! If you happen upon the Packers-Browns game, I’ll be in Section 101 just above the Browns tunnel with my three grandsons and one of their fiance. You can’t miss me. I’m the one with the Santa beard and Packers jacket.

Near and far. Near and dear. A priceless combination.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The question isn’t who is going to let me; it’s who is going to stop me.

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6 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Near

  1. Have a FABULOUS time! We took a family trip several years ago that involved 6 places in 10 nights. All the kids were well under 18…yes we were crazy, lol, but we had a BLAST! You’ll be no where near the midwest so I’m guessing I won’t see your dirty Scooby roo with Maine tags.
    I’m behind you today at FMF

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  2. Near and dear, near and far. Love this! And have a great time! Therr are a lot of ways you can go with this word, as with all of them. #70.


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