A Visit with Santa

A few months ago, the phone rang. As I answered it, a jolly voice on the other end let out with a “Ho! Ho! Ho! How are you doing Joe? Santa here.”

You never know if it’s the real Santa, and not wanting to slide over to the naughty side, I responded, “Ho! Ho! Ho! I haven’t heard from you in awhile. What can I do for you?”

And the rest of the conversation went something like this…

“Glad you asked. The Mrs. and I took a long-needed vacation to Barbados after last Christmas, but it’s been back to work, work, work since then. I figured I would visit St. Mary’s Festival again this year and I was wondering if you could take me? I had such a good visit with you.”

“Ah, Santa. You do know I’m living in Maine, right?”

“Yeah. I know where everybody is.”

“You do know Waterloo is what, about 600 miles away?”

“600 miles! That’s a trip to the candy store.”

“Well, I assume you’re flying in for the gig. Why don’t you just go straight there?”



“Yes, you know it’s at a premium and it ain’t that easy finding a spot for the sleigh.”

“What about the roof?”

“I heard it needed some work; didn’t want to put a strain on it.”

“Okay. Why me?”

“Because we always have a good time together.”

He was right. I’ve been meeting him on and off for years. One year he got lost when his new GPS put him on Route 96A instead of Route 96. Another year he tracked me down in St. Thomas. And still another he ran into some sleigh trouble. And he was right. Our visits were always fun and exciting with good conversation. And you know, you do have to stay on his good side.

“When is it?”

“Nov.  18.”

“Well, I guess I could do it. It’s the weekend before Thanksgiving and I was planning on spending it with family in New York.”

“Great! I’ll see you then!”

I put in my calendar and last week I received an e-mail from the jolly old elf {yes, I have his e-mail address, but I’m not sharing}. “Just checking if you’re still taking me to the festival.” I confirmed the appointment with the reply, “I’ll see you then.”

So Saturday morning comes. I walk out to the car and there’s Santa leaning against it waiting for me.

“Thought you overslept,” he says.

“I’m here,” I responded gulping another swig of coffee.

We hopped into the buggy for the 20 mile trip north. Before I could get into second gear he says so matter-of-factly, “So, what’s bothering you?” .

“It’s just a bunch of little things. I mean the world is going to hell in a hand basket. We have terrorists running around … kind of blowing up the Christmas spirit and it’s not even …”

He stopped me dead in mid-sentence.

“This is new?” he interjected. “Every year there is something going on that can dampen the spirit of Christmas.  You’re missing the whole point of Christmas!”

“Ahhh, oookay,”

He continued, “Christmas isn’t glitter and glitz. Christmas is a feeling, an attitude. And it shouldn’t just dwell in you at Christmas. It should dwell in you each and every day of the year. Christmas is joy. Remember what that is? Christmas is wonder. Are you so old you forgot what that is?  It’s a celebration of the birth of Jesus the Christ.  It’s a time to celebrate His birth … the remarkable beginning of a life lived and sacrificed for you and me. Christ is the reason for the season. And that Love should dwell in us … not just during the Christmas season but every day.”

One of the children brought Santa a pre-Christmas treat and promised another plate when he visits on Christmas

Of course he was right, and I saw him put that Love in action as he meandered through the auditorium and classrooms and ramps wishing every vendor, every patron a hearty “Merry Christmas!” He would stop if there was a child present to talk to them as if they were the only two people in the room. And by child I mean from two months old to two months past their 39th birthday.

I saw that Love in action as he settled in at his special spot in one of the classrooms. I watched the twinkle in his eyes as he read stories — The Night Before Christmas, The Christmas Boot, The Polar Express, The Year of the Perfect Christmas Tree and Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer. I saw the magic and awe and joy and excitement and wonder as the little ones shared a secret toy request with him. I saw the pure innocent Love dwelling in him as he answered their questions, gently reminding them the holidays are “family” time and a time for celebration. I saw him laugh and I saw the children laugh and I thought to myself, “Man. He has this down right.”

I want that joy dwelling in me. This season. Every day.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: To hell with circumstances; I create opportunities. — Bruce Lee

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  1. Mary says:


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  2. TamrahJo says:

    YES!!! I was told, when I was 5 – and came home from school full of anger about how other’s said Santa wasn’t real – “We play Santa for each other – Santa is the spirit that lives within each of us – if only we try….” – 🙂


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