Five Minute Friday — Worth

Happy Five Minute Friday time! I know it’s Saturday, but I was on the road all day yesterday. I could have carved out a few minutes earlier {hanging my head in shame} in the day but rather took the time to recuperate from the journey and pick up some essentials like food and supplies. And, if it’s any consolation, although I didn’t peck the keys until now, I did manage to write a mental draft {a little bit different from the final product} Friday. That has to count for something.

I don’t have to tell you the drill — I’ve done that many times over — but there is something different. The link is now on Facebook at I hope to see some of you there.

If you’ve followed this blog at all, you know how much value FMF has for me. I’ve asked you to join in [you really, really should]. It’s quick. It’s easy {okay, sometimes not always}. It’s challenging. And it’s oh so rewarding. But don’t take my word for it. Here is what Lauren has to say, taken from snippets in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. Don’t listen to me. Listen to her.

“FMF has been a consistent community of encouraging writers. Each week I look forward to the positive words and inspirational perspectives each contributor brings.”

I hope you find the time to join our special group. In the meantime, the prompt word is WORTH. The time has been set for five minutes, so I guess we should GO...

My daughters had the unenviable job of cleaning out my office of over 20 years. Why? Because they have their mommy’s genes — take no prisoners.

I did give them specific instructions about what HAD to be kept, but otherwise, I sequestered myself in the next room. I figured if I didn’t know what was being tossed, I probably would never miss it. I could hear them snickering as they uncovered papers and documents dating from the beginning of the millennia. Every once in a while I would hear them say, “Dad. Dad. Dad.”

When it was over — okay three quarters over since they couldn’t get through the whole room — they asked me why I kept some of that stuff. Like a percentage wheel — which they had no idea what it was — or notes from a meeting in 1994.

Well, they may not have any relevance today, but there was a time they had worth. I needed it for something, although quite honestly, I can’t remember why I keep notes from last year let alone 23 years ago. Even as they made their way to the recycle bin, they still had worth … even if just as recyclable trash.

The same is true for people. … STOP

We all have worth … some more, some less, some relevant, some rooted in days gone by. We have this worth not because of us, but because our Maker created us. We have worth to Him. Our friends have worth. Our enemies have worth. Even the vilest people in the world have worth in God’s eyes. We certainly may not see it, but our God sure does.

And I think it pains Him when we refuse to see worth in ourselves and others. I can only imagine Him cringing as the rhetoric and disrespect today swirl into a cesspool of derisiveness. I can see Him close His eyes in disbelief as we shrug off those “not the same as us.” You see, despite our differences, we are the same, created in the same image of a loving Father. We have worth … just like things have worth. He designed it that way.

When you’re feeling worthless or, perhaps more important, when you view others as worthless, remember the penny you found on the street. It may be scuffed, it may be caked in dirt and who knows what. It may not even look like a penny anymore. But it still worth one cent … as intended.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Perfection is overrated. It’s okay to struggle, fail, fall, get up and move on.

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8 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Worth

  1. Remove our skin and those who look down their noses at someone “different” would be hard pressed to find the differences. If we had to live our lives from the inside out, I think people would see what one’s worth really is.


  2. emhughsey says:

    A very brave decision to let your daughters clean up your office, but sounds like it led to some great life lessons for all of you! I like your point about value, and about perfection too – always a good reminder…


  3. The most beautiful roses can rise from the foulest manure.

    Great post!

    #1 at FMF this week.


  4. sarahjoknits says:

    Love this! (I, too, am much happier when I don’t know what was thrown away 😉

    visiting from #88 at FMF — Sarah Jo


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