Five Minute Friday — Empty

Good Friday. A day of reflection … and a day to put those reflections down on paper {or in today’s environment, in a post}.

We’ll follow the typical Five Minute Friday format. We’ll let the neurons loose, record the results, link up at Kate’s place ( to share and visit with out link neighbors.

I’ve encouraged you to join in and have been including comments from fellow writers in Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. Maybe these words might make the difference to get you involved.

“I am an alumni of Five Minute Friday but have always been a huge fan! I saw the post by Lisa Jo today and wanted to send in one of my favorites. I stumbled on Five Minute Friday, I don’t even know how, about three years ago. I had literally only written a handful of blog posts and was brand new to the blogging world. Five Minute Friday gave me the courage to pick up the pen and write when I felt so insignificant in the whole wide world. Now three years later I am writing compilations with other authors and working on my first book! But the friends I met in FMF … those are priceless and words can’t do the value of their encouragement any justice. I am one writer who’s been forever impacted by this community! (and hope to jump back in as I tackle a few other projects.)”

So there’s the pitch. It’s up to you now whether you wish to join this very special writing group. And it’s time for me to tackle this week’s prompt, EMPTY. the timer is set, so, let’s GO …

Good Friday … a good day to reflect on the empty tomb.

You can’t have one without the other. We need the horror of the events of the cross as a prelude to the empty tomb. Hallelujah!

But it goes a little deeper. Good Friday is a good time for us to reflect on our lives and empty of hearts of the evils that led to the cross. I struggle daily with keeping my heart empty of “self” thought. Although I always want to let go and let God … it’s awfully difficult as wander through the day. There’s that check that has to be written, maybe without the funds readily available. There’s the reaction in word and deed to people we encounter who may not live up to OUR standards. There’s our wants and needs without thought of the future.

Yes, it’s difficult to truly empty our heart and replace it with … STOP

… unconditional faith. So it’s a good time to examine our actions and motives and empty our hearts of “me” and “I” to allow the love of Jesus some room to grow. He paid the price so we can peek into the empty tomb and realize just how important His presence in our lives is, was and will be.

And that’s something to shout about. Hallelujah!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Nothing under God’s control is ever out of control.

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2 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Empty

  1. Enjoyed reading this, and yeah, letting go and letting God can be easier said than done.

    I figure it’s letting go of the forward-projection of ourselves, and our aspirations. Just do your best today.

    Important for me because neither my wife nor I thought I would live out the day. Guess there’s still work to do, since I’m still here.

    #1 at FMF this week.


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