It Never Ceases To Amaze Me

I’ve been wandering around Maine for better than eight years and part time living here for a year and a half. Yet I’m still amazed at the incredible people in the state. As the welcoming sign says, “Maine: The way life should be .” It could also say, “Maine: A step back to calmer days.”

The people here are truly a throwback to days gone by. It doesn’t matter where you go — the gas station, the grocery store, out to dinner — you almost invariably get into a conversation. And it’s not superficial talk. It truly is a conversation. I’ve concluded — as a person with a lifelong reserved personality — there are no introverts in the Pine Tree State.

You never know what’s going to trigger it. Sometimes it’s standing with a glazed look in the grocery store {what’s difference between confectioner’s sugar and powdered sugar?} or hopping up and down to keep warm while pumping gas or a ringtone on your phone. Last night it was deer.

I went to The Red Moose in Brownville for no reason other than I liked the name and had nothing better to do last night. I wasn’t expecting dinner and a show … that expanded into conversation. Seriously, in the middle of dinner a herd of deer — okay, maybe six — showed up at the back window. They sauntered closer and closer to the window, with everyone — EVERYONE — in the place making their way to window to watch the deer watch us. The deer won. We all returned to our dinners, but they stayed there, still as statues with an occasional peck at the snow.

The couple at the table across the aisle and I got to talking as we finished our meals … about the deer, life in Maine, how we got here, winter in Maine, summer in Maine, activities in Maine — well mostly all things Maine.

I discovered Maine winters are cyclical on a three year moderate to normal “whatever that is” to harsh cycle. This year was normal, they cautioned, so next year could be, well, interesting.

I learned these 20 year transplants from Rhode Island came for the wilderness, although logging has somewhat changed the landscape over the last to decades. They explained how four wheel drive is “a must” and trucks and plows are pretty common. But I also learned the town highway departments do  a great job keeping roads clear … albeit sometimes to bare snow. Dave proudly said he has never gotten stuck in the 20 years he has commuted the 20 miles or so from Brownville to Dover-Foxcroft where he works. His wife contributed, “They know how to handle winter!”

My favorite comment of the night, however, was, “When spring comes in May, this snow will be gone quickly.” And the cycle begins again in late October or early November.

In addition to the six at the restaurant, I saw three or four coming up and another three going back home. And they weren’t lightweights. They had some meat on them. My new friends, who live about three quarter mile off the main road, said it was enjoying the deer and moose feeding on their property that gave them hours of entertainment and enjoyment.

And I thought I was just going for a meal.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Being positive in your mind is not enough! Let positivity take root in your heart and let positive things come from your mouth!


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4 Responses to It Never Ceases To Amaze Me

  1. DeniseBalog says:

    Sounds lovely:) Norman Rockwell America.


  2. TamrahJo says:

    Although I completely believe you and loved your share on this topic, me thinks you are carrying the ‘space’ for such things to occur, along with you as you travel – I have these kinds of things happen anytime I visit any area – no matter where you go, there you are, in all your fantabulousness – BUT, if you want that kind of flavor and ever hanker for an extended roadtrip, I’ll send you a list of places in Colorado that will treat ya the same! 🙂


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