I Lost a Sock

I lost a sock in the laundry. Now I know that’s not earth-shattering news … especially among my many Five Minute Friday friends who do laundry a little more frequently than I, like two or three times a week or every day or twice a day. But for me, it was a big deal.

It wasn’t one of my favorite socks. In fact the one I lost had a hole in the heel and another around the ankle, complementing the found sock with a toe hole and frayed ribbing at the top. Maybe I didn’t really lose it. Maybe it disintegrated either in  the washer or dryer.

But it got me to thinking about my wardrobe. I think the last t-shirt I purchased was a “Hail Mary/Aaron Rogers” tee just after the 2015 season. I did buy a new pair of pants about four or five years ago … off the clearance rack for $5 that was about five sizes too big for even my big frame. And it only took me about two years to actually get it fitted. I remember buying a new dress shirt, but I think that was when my Dad died back in 2013. I did end up buying a new pair of shoes at Meier’s in Ohio about three years ago when I discovered — at the last minute — I forgot to pack my dress shoes. My last sneakers were back in 2012 when I joined the gym at the chiropractic college. I wore them once in the gym before delegating them to everyday wear when my other sneakers just plain wore out. And underwear. I did buy a six pack of briefs a couple of years ago because a) I ran out and b) I was on the road. Hey. That was what Christmas was for and my dearly departed wife has been gone for nine Christmases.

I still have a tee shirt given to me when I first came to Seneca County by the United Way — let’s see, that was 1994. And most of my shirts are air conditioned, stained {that’s how I remember what I ate and when — a “remembrance” marker, if you will} or are missing buttons and/or zippers.

I even have a couple of pair of jeans in the closet that have moved from Ohio to Maryland to New York. I’m never going to fit in them again, but, hey, they’re not taking up much room in my closet.

Typically, especially with my sweats or leisure wear, if a hole surfaced in the crotch or side seam, I would hang it up on a hook in the closet somehow awaiting for it to miraculously heal. But I have found a real, live seamstress in Maine, so each time I make the trip, I drop off a piece of clothing for Elaine to work her magic. I am happy to report I  have more usable clothing at my disposal, even if they are from distant decades.

Fashion sense is not one of my strong points. I ascribe to the “next in the closet” theory of dress and could never figure out why my wife, daughters or granddaughters would clean out the closet coming up with just the “right” look. And we won’t even go into accessories.

So, you see, for me to abandon {see how I worked in this week’s Five Minute Friday prompt?} my sock is a big deal. There was a time I would have retraced my steps to find the errant sock. Come to think about it, maybe it’s still up in Maine or in the back hatch of my car.

It’s really a good thing Karen is not around. She had this tendency to rip my ripped shirts — or any other piece of clothing — right off my back. I might be running around au naturel — and that would not be a pretty sight.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The only thing that matters in life is your answer to this question: What have you done with Jesus? What have you done with Jesus?

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5 Responses to I Lost a Sock

  1. TamrahJo says:

    🙂 You’re a man with my heart’s joy! LOL – I just, this past week, bought my first pair of ‘girl work boots’ in over 10 years – I have been making do with hand-me-downs from boys that outgrow before they outwear – ALTHOUGH – the sticker shock (having not been shopping for such things in such a long time!) about killed me, even though I researched online ahead of time, to gird my loins, if you will, for battle – – LOL – – My new INVESTMENT has reports, given brand name, of lasting 10 years or more, so I’m hopeful that’s how long before I have to do such shopping things again – BTW – reply with your preferred style/color of socks – I miss getting to give someone socks for Christmas and the recipient acting like it was the greatest thing since sliced bread (folks are so spoiled now – LOL – https://ballybin.wordpress.com/2015/12/20/all-i-want-for-christmas-is-some-new-socks/ ) – Underwear? Um…yeah – – not my forte unless I can embarrass ya in the clothing store – – i.e. – you’re my son…. LOL

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  2. Lou says:

    I have donated bags and bags of clothing over the years and still have too much clothes…I am not going to buy anything new for awhile now….that is the way to go

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  3. We have the same wardrobe philosophy. I tried putting all my socks in one of those mesh zip bags to wash and dry all my socks and a few still disappeared. Since I retired most days I swap two pairs of jeans and a trio of plain-colored sweatshirts. In summer, old VBS and tie dye tee shirts replace the sweatshirts. My wife treats my underthings like your wife did. If she spots even a tattered seam or a spot she can’t wash out, it’s headed for the rag bag. So are perfectly good socks she finds with frayed holes in the heels. I have one pair of black loafers and a cheap pair of running shoes. Fortunately our church dress code is come-as-you-are. And I do. My favorite clothiers are Goodwill and Fifth Avenue Thrift. I can stroll in there with a sawbuck and come out with all the clothes I’ll need for the season I’m shopping for. And everything is half-off some Sunday afternoons.

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