Five Minute Friday — Eat

Ready for this week’s Five Minute Friday on Saturday installment? I am!

Actually, I’m going to defer to my late wife. After all, being the great innovative cook she was, I was more the recipient of this week’s prompt — EAT. But, I’ll have to set the stage for you. And, I’ll apologize in advance for it’s length. Okay, maybe not apologize … but at least warn you.

Karen was food editor at the Belvidere (IL) Daily Republican {which gave me the opportunity to test taste — eat — all the great recipes she received from the ladies in and around Belvidere}. As such, she wrote a weekly column, “Sugar & Spice.”

sugar & spiceWhen I saw the prompt, my mind immediately remembered a column she wrote, back on Sept. 7, 1983. I dug it out of the scrapbook I created for her as a Christmas present shortly after she started the column in 1981 {notice what I did there, incorporate the prompt, memories — Karen has been on mind a lot more than usual lately — and Christmas all in one thought}.

Before we start Karen’s “Great East Coast Pig-Out”, I want to remind you about Five Minute Friday and, more specifically, Five Minute Friday — A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat. Five Minute Friday is where we gather weekly {okay, it’s supposed to on Friday, but I have this procrastination problem …} to let our imaginations roam free through our fingers onto an awaiting screen. After the assignment, we gather at Kate’s place ( to link up and share out thoughts with others in this special writing community {that’s one of the rules … just about the only one}.

Five Minute Friday: A Collection of Stories Written in Five Minutes Flat is a collection of our community’s body of work, coordinated skillfully by Susan Shipe. It started with a simple question, Do you have a favorite or popular FMF post you would be willing to share? Surprise! One hundred forty-four — yes 144! — sent in responses, including yours truly. Susan ran with it and put together one of the classiest collections I’ve ever seen. I wrote a review of sorts Thursday,

I haven’t read all 144 yet. I’m still sifting through the book. But truth be known, as I have perused the 236 page, soft cover gem, I recognized names of my fellow writers and uncovered hidden writing jewels, some of which I have read before and others being unearthed here for the first time. I have already incorporated these posts into my quiet time each day. They are that much of a blessing.

The book is available at or for $12.99. All proceeds from the sale of the book will be donated to The Vine School and Take Action Ministries, both in South Africa.

Okay, now that the commercials are over, it’s time to join Karen on the “Great East Coast Pig-Out.”

Vacations are something everyone looks forward to each year. Whether it’s a vacation to visit the countryside or the family, it’s the one time during the year when you leave your troubles behind.

Vacation time for this scribe was no exception. After six years were were going “home” {northern New Jersey} to visit the family. As talk of mountains (r-e-a-l!!! mountains) and spending time at the shore continued, the excitement began to build. Driving for 17 hours with five children became bearable knowing the end result would be worth it.

As games, suitcases, games, pillows and more games were loaded for the trip, a new topic of discussion began to take form. Food!

hot-dogsFalls View hot dogs, Sicilian pizza, candied apples, salt water taffy and the shore’s famous sausage and pepper sandwiches were included. And we can’t forget to get a submarine sandwich and a Rutt’s Hut hot dog while we are there!

The list of food conversation seemed to bloom from there and while thoughts of “filling the tummy” went on, my hips seemed to blossom right along with the conversation!

After weathering the trip, a short recovery was in line, then off to make a “quick visit” to some of the family members. With that out of the way, it was time to get down to the “serious” business of the visit … eating!

First stop was the corner deli! There is nothing special about delis, except every neighborhood has one. Homemade potato salad, macaroni salad, hot ham (sliced paper thin), fresh hard rolls and a couple of bags of Wise potato chips in tow, the “pig out” begins!

The dessert to top off our first luncheon was Entenmann’s chocolate chip crumb cake. Most of our readers may now be familiar with Entenmann products … but folks, you don’t know the half of it!

One of my favorite stomping grounds was the Entenmann’s outlet store. Being able to roam the aisles rift with the aroma of marble pound cake, cheese babka, cheese stollen, strawberry coffee cake and even chocolate chip filled coffee cake was heaven. And that’s just the tip of the iceberg!

A late night “snack” meant a phone call to our favorite pizza parlor … Sun-Ray and its Sicilian pizza!

I know pizza is nothing new for our area, but Sicilian pizzas are a rare find in the midwest. And a Sun-Ray pizza is impossible to find!

sun-rayBeing hungry — what else? — a large pizza was in order. Unfortunately, it had been so long since we had one, we failed to remember a large pizza was just that … LARGE! Gazing at our order, our memories were quickly restored. Sun-Ray’s large pizza had to be cut in half and put into two large boxes. That’s right … two boxes! Topped with mushrooms and two inch long cross cut pepperonis, we had a meal for the neighborhood for $6.25.

The next day, a trip to the shore was planned. Seaside Heights … here we come!

After walking the boardwalk — and nibbling here and there — it was time to wade in the ocean … or so we thought! Wading generally entails getting the feet wet. Unfortunately, someone forgot to tell the children … and the waves! In the excitement of seashell hunting we forgot to watch the waves and our afternoon of wading turned into a “cooling off” period! After gathering several cups full of shells, it was time stroll the boardwalk again and “dry off!” (and nibble some more!!)

sausage-peppersWhile drying off, what better time than this to sink our teeth into a sausage and pepper sandwich. Loaded with peppers and onions and topped off with some Italian sauce on a steamed hard roll, it was just the thing for growling tummies.

Before leaving the sea gulls, boardwalk and ocean behind, we had to stop at Kohr’s ice cream stand for its banana razzle dazzle double decker cone, and stop for a juicy candied apple for the road. And, of course, no trip to the shore is complete without a box of salt water taffy to bring home!

Totally exhausted, the thoughts of sleep became very enticing. After all, we had to rest up for tomorrow and … you guessed it … more food!

Like most parents, tales of our teen years and our “hang-outs” have been heard in our household many times. It only seemed fitting to show some of these sights to our children (and to see how they had changed!!).

A trip to the Paterson Falls and some historical landmarks was scheduled. After pointing out the Falls and explaining about the first locomotive steam engine being built there and how Alexander Hamilton established the area as a start to the Industrial Revolution, it was time to visit famous Falls View for an order — hot dogs “all the way” and frenchies (French fries) well done! After telling the children about these hot dogs and hamburgers smothered in mustard, onions and a special sauce, it was disappointing to have one daughter order a ham and cheese sandwich and one of our sons having a plain hot dog! Oh well, I guess there are some things you can’t teach.

Although it’s fun to experience some of those memories with your children, it’s also nice to take a “break” and get away on your own.

The place to go was Atlantic City! After all, I had to discover for myself if casinos were as exciting as everyone said.

new-jerseyIt’s just as you see on the movie screen. Exquisite chandeliers grace the room and all I could think of was, “Boy, I’m sure glad I don’t have to clean them!”

Black jack tables, the big wheel and slot machines … where do I start? After wandering around and observing the various black jack tables, I decided with a $5 minimum bet, that just wasn’t for me.

The slot machines were the place to go. After all, I wouldn’t miss 25 cents! I was amazed at the number of people who played two machines at once. After all, give someone else a chance!

After finally finding a machine, my first quarter went in. A split second later my first quarter was gone!

Folks … it doesn’t take long and before you know it, you’re hooked. With people on my right winning and people on my left winning, I thought for sure my little ole quarter would bring me the jackpot. Without even thinking, I found myself popping quarters into two machines. But time was running out, not to mention my quarters, and I soon found myself down to my last quarter of the day. This was the lucky one! I looked at my husband with great anticipation as I put the quarter into the machines. One-two-three … it’s all over!

Well, there was nothing else left to do, I guess, but go back and drown my losses with some more food!

A Sub-Base sandwich would surely cure my blues! Various cold cuts (that’s Eastern talk for lunch meat) piled high, topped with shredded lettuce, tomatoes, sliced onions and sprinkled with some oil and vinegar, all on a delicious hoagie. Throw in a side order of onion rings and a tall glass of birch beer to quench the thirst and any loss was soon forgotten.

Yes, what a vacation! Although ours wasn’t a totally typical vacation, it was truly a “filling” one!

Aha! Lunchtime. “Two dogs all the way and frenchies well done …” Oops. I forgot … we’re home again!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: God has already lined up the right people, the right breaks, the right answers. Everything you need is already in your future.


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  1. Hi there! I’m new to Five Minute Friday this week! You made me hungry with all your references to food! I met Kate last year, but didn’t figure out how to do the Five Minute Friday until now (I’m certainly not techie!), and had put it off before. I think it will be fun. I didn’t know that it had been going on for so long, and that there was also a book! Interesting! Blessings on your day!


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