Five Minute Friday — Forget

Saturday. Must be time for Five Minute Friday. That’s where about 100 of us get together at Kate’s place ( to share our muse for the week on a specific prompt word. Sometimes the words flow easily … other times it’s a bit more challenging. But it is always an exercise to keep our minds sharp and focused … some precursory insight for my younger collaborators.

This week’s prompt is FORGET. The timer is set, so it is time to GO

The prompt this week is somewhat appropriate following a funeral trip to New Jersey. I don’t ever want to forget my childhood … my family … my friends … my roots.

Yet, as the days dwindle by, I have forgotten a lot. The sights and sounds of my old neighborhood and stomping grounds are gone. The visuals have changed and perhaps the chatter of Italian women has been replaced by Spanish to Arabic.

But a lot is the same as well. The landscape may have different tenants, but it has the same energy — for good or bad — as in the years I grew up.

I was there for the funeral of my great-aunt … but it wasn’t a time for sadness. It was a time to celebrate a 101 year life and reflect on the influences she had on her family and friends. Although she did suffer from some dementia, there were times when she knew exactly what was going on. My most vivid remembrance is of her dancing at her 100th birthday party a year and a half ago and visiting with her during the last family reunion. Even in November — at another funeral — when she saw me outside church she squeezed … STOP

… my cheeks like she did so many times when I was growing up.

Following the wake, I had dinner with my uncle and cousin and his wife {thanks Michelle for a great meal}, again catching up on families and events and reaching into that well of memories. At the repast I spent time with my cousins recounting the memories — and innocence — of time gone by.

I also stopped at my maternal aunt’s house only to be disturbed at how much she has “forgotten” in the six months or so since I saw her last. To be honest, it scared me. The visit reminded me I was rapidly approaching that age bracket where memory starts fading. Aunt Betty and my cousins have certainly gone to the head of my prayer list.

I don’t necessarily want to go back in the past. I have many great growing up memories. I wouldn’t trade any of them. But each was a building stone of my life — the happy times … the not so happy times … the triumphs … the trials … the people in my life along the way …  the laughter … the tears. Each event was another stitch in the fabric of my life.

I don’t ever want to forget that.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Life may surprise us, but life never surprises God!

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6 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Forget

  1. Joe, I took a similar walk through memory lane after my Uncle went home, your last paragraph !!! Our experiences make us what we are don’t they? Good or bad. I’m sorry for your loss, but thankful for the journey you were blessed to have because of it. And you’re Great Aunt sounds like a lovely lady!


  2. Joe, I am your neighbor at FMF #85, I have a mother in law that is failing and we do a lot of sharing of memories. I have a trip in April to see my dad and we have many memories of things that are not to be forgotten. I liked your ending sentence. “Life may surprise us, but life never surprises God!” Here is to not forgetting the important things like being a witness for Jesus. Blessings Diana


  3. The memories of our lives…sometimes joyful, sometimes painful, sometimes bittersweet. Still thankful for them though. I don’t ever want to forget. Have a great week.

    ~#89 this wk


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