Five Minute Friday — Christmas

As the final Five Minute Friday assignment of the year, we get the chance to choose our own word and write on anything we want. It’s free Friday — okay, for me, free Saturday. Or as Kate put it, “Keep it to one word, keep it to five minutes, and keep reading each other’s work!”

Some of my fellow writers have written about sickness [Kate, by the way, is feeling under the weather], adventure, choosing, joy, present, run and blessing. That’s what happens when you let the free range thoughts out with reins. I speak from experience.

The diversity in thought — even with a common prompt — is what makes Five Minute Friday [okay, Saturday] exciting for me and I’m sure others. We all take a different slant on the prompt and run [or write] with it.

I was surprised there were few entries specifically on CHRISTMAS, the word I chose for my assignment. So, I’ve set the timer for five minutes, so let’s GO

I love the spirit of Christmas … at least for about 325 days a year. I dread it from just before Thanksgiving to just after Christmas. I don’t loathe it…I just can’t seem to revel in the joy in that month-plus long span. Never have. Probably never will.

I’ve been trying to capture the spirit of the season with quips and quotes to family and friends, but it seems so … shallow. It’s somewhat artificial. Which is the root of my reticence for the holiday revelry.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the significance of the season. I do. But all too many people don’t.  They use the season to overspend their dollars and their time and their energy. Instead of the peace of Jesus, we’re all hurrying around, all too often leaving the reason for the season in the wake.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the glitter and the glitz … the trees and the lights … the decorations and the visits with Santa … STOP

… I do and often they help soften my mood. But they are always more fun when shared with someone.

I always thought Christmas was for children. That was the focus Karen and I had. Watching our kids’ eyes light up on Christmas morning was a joy. But sometime during our parenting — when finances were tight — we realized the small hand-made gifts we shared not only brought out that same light, but were treasured so much longer than the store bought trinkets [nothing wrong with those, though]. I can think of the mice ornaments Karen made that I think most of the kids still have … or the musical doll clocks for the girls .. or the knitted blankets, scarves, hats and mittens … or the ceramic tree that serves as my Christmas tree in Maine this year [I would have included a photo, but I broke the bulb unpacking it. You have to see it aglow].

This year, I chose to separate myself from the commotion of Christmas. Instead, it’s just going to be Karen and I in our Maine apartment … savoring the quiet. I’ll break out a bottle of wine and we’ll toast [okay, I’ll toast] another year of ups and downs in front of the faux fire on the television fireplace. We’ll listen to some good Christmas music and maybe watch a Christmas movie or two. And we’ll reflect on the meaning of Christmas … past, present and future.

Well, that’s my two cents worth for this week … actually for this year. Five Minute Friday is taking time off for the holidays. We’ll return to pecking the keyboard the first Friday in January. Who knows, my Christmas spirit might be back by then.

To my Five Minute Friday friends — and to all — have a Merry and Blessed Christmas and here’s to a New Year filled with the joy and peace of Jesus. And, if you get a chance, stop in at Kate’s place ( to see what others are saying as their creative minds are set free.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: It is easy to think Christmas, and it is easy to believe Christmas, but it is hard to act Christmas.

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3 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Christmas

  1. TamrahJo says:

    I hope the ‘season’ brings you the peace and joy you have given to others – I hope that you know, you are not alone in your dispiritedness over what you think the Season is and how it is so often celebrated – I hope, this Season you truly know, that for big/small, profound or not, YOU, and your writing, thoughts, sharing, faith, grief, experience, have made an impact and gifted my life –

    Merry Christmas – Father Says – may you know, without a doubt, just now, that you made a huge difference for one life you weren’t even focusing on being there for – 🙂


    • What beautiful words. I humbly — very humbly — thank you. If you remember the message from It’s a Wonderful Life is we all touch others lives … even though we don’t know or realize it at the time. May you have a Merry and Blessed Christmas and a new year filled with the joy and peace of Jesus.

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  2. “root of my reticence” –such fun alliteration! Thanks for sharing your thoughts, and I hope your Christmas with your wife is wonderful.

    -Cherise, visiting from FMF

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