In the Blink of an Eye — Westward Ho 5

Happy is the husband of a good wife; the number of his days will be doubled. A loyal wife brings joy to her husband, and he will complete his years in peace. A good wife is a great blessing; she will be granted among the blessings of the man who fears the Lord. Whether rich or poor, his heart is content, and at all times his face is cheerful…
Sirach 26:1-4

In the fall of 1985, I slipped at K-Mart and wrenched my back (remember when I got tackled?). Two days after the Chicago Bears won the Super Bowl and the day of the Challenger disaster, Jan 28, 1986, I underwent back surgery with Mom doggedly trying to take care of me and you kids during my recovery.

thin meShe was so proud of me as I shed about 100 pounds and had always gently chided me for steadily gaining them back over the years.

The surgery made me want to move back east to be closer to our families. When I casually mentioned that to a friend, he hooked me up with the powers to be at the Catholic Chronicle in Toledo. And the rest is history.

Neither Mom nor I were totally sure about the prospects of the move or working for the Catholic press since we were both estranged from the church, Mom more so than I. But she gave me her blessing to pursue it … which leads us to the next chapter.

But before we turn the page, I have to say leaving Belvidere was difficult for me. It is the only job I ever left where I actually cried. I can’t speak for Mom. She never really liked Illinois as a state … although she made so many friends there.

serious frontTo be continued …

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The medical evidence is clear and mounting.  It’s no exaggeration to say that bitterness is a dangerous drug in any dosage and that your health is at risk if you stubbornly persist in being unforgiving. — Lee Strobel

serious inside

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