A Birthday Wish for My Wife

3 years oldFor the  first time nearly half a century, I won’t be with my wife to wish her a Happy Birthday. Before we were married … during our 40 years together … even after she passed away, I always spent time with Karen on her birthday. There would be flowers and presents and, most important, some time together. Sometimes it would be hours … other times mere minutes. But always it was quality time. Over the past few years it has been quiet quality time.

This year, however, Karen is minding the apartment in Maine while I’m tending to business here in New York. And, I have to tell you … it is a LOT different. I sense the distance.

engagement pixBirthdays were never overplayed between us, especially as we meandered into emptying the nest. Baubles and beads were replaced with twosome events — concerts, movies, dinner, weekend trips and even some football games tossed in. On her last birthday on earth, we  trekked to Buffalo in the snow and sleet to watch the Browns {one of Karen’s favorite football teams, the other being Green Bay} lose to the Bills. Birthdays evolved into an event meant for the two of us.

I miss that.

As I scrounged thought some old files, I found a birthday card I sent Karen. I felt it was still appropriate. So, from across the miles and the dimensions …

karen sleeveA Birthday Wish for My Wife
When there’s a word you love to hear, then LOVE will know it.
When there is comfort to be offered, LOVE will show it.
When there’s a way of giving cheer, then LOVE will find it —
For so often when we’re happy … LOVE’s  behind it.

G.W. Douglas

For all the ways you show your love, I love you very much.

Love, yesterday … today … tomorrow … and forever!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: It’s not about how much you have, how much you know or how much you do. It’s about how well you love. Love is what matters most.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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