Five Minute Friday — Family

I would suggest changing the writing challenge from Five Minute Friday to Five Minute Saturday … Then I thought about it. I probably wouldn’t post until Sunday.

So, I’ll continue to be tardy to my weekly class. It gives me a chance to check out other comments at Kate’s place ( {although I don’t until after I post … I don’t want to be influenced}.

Anyway, the task at hand is to write unscripted for just five minutes {or so} on a specific prompt. This week it is FAMILY. And, despite a heavy heart because of other personal events this week, the time is set. So, let’s GO

There once was one. He found his mate and there were two. The two created a third … and a fourth … and a fifth … and a sixth … and a seventh. Over the years the five younguns created 18 more … who in turn have created two more.

That’s how a family grows … one by one until a circle is formed. There are times when we fuss and fight, but when any one in the family hurts, we all rally together. Even when we lose a member, they are still there in spirit, never to be forgotten.

Of course, we have other “families” as well. Friends, community, faith partners. They become absorbed into our family structure.  And those circles impact and affect each and every one of us ever widening the circle.

We can’t do without the relationships. We all need the fellowship … STOP

… the love … the support.

As we backtrack, we discover even when there was one, our life was spawned by One other. We are His ripple in the circle of life.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Friends, you and me … You brought another friend … And then there were three … We started our group … Our circle of friends … And like that circle … There is no beginning or end…

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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2 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Family

  1. I like that: “We are His ripple in the circle of life.” Thanks for this ponder-worthy post.

    Visiting from Five Minute Friday,


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