In the Blink of an Eye — Pennsylvania Avenue 2

A glad heart makes a cheerful countenance, but by sorrow of heart the spirit is broken… Proverbs 15:13

But it was during these years we became pregnant with Dee. I remember that revelation very well.

the lakeWe went on vacation in 1971 up to Lake George for a week. It was so peaceful – hectic days with Frontiertown and petting zoos capped with nights under the stars overlooking the lake. It was just a one-room cabin and I remember Mom rearranging things – like furniture – when we got up there. She moved a couple chairs onto the porch and that was our nightly sanctuary. She would make a pot of coffee and we would just unwind while Joe slept inside. We would just sit for hours talking about the first couple of years of our marriage and our future. I don’t think we ever had that much of a relaxing “vacation” again.

Mom was in an upbeat mood. I thought it was the clean air. As we were getting ready to go back home, she walked out to the car with Joe in her arms, gave me a big hug and kiss. It came out of nowhere. Then she said, “I’m not sure, but I think I’m pregnant.”

north poleHoly moly!

She was, but it was a rough pregnancy.

I had an assignment covering the Senior Little League World Series in Gary, IN, later that summer and took off. I talked to her every night and wrote her a couple of letters … most of which came after I got home. I truly missed her.

lake georgeShe never told me she was spotting. And she never went to the doctor’s. That changed as soon as I got home. She told me, as only your mother could do, she didn’t want me to worry. I told her, as only I could, “I don’t worry” … knowing deep inside I was worried sick.

Everything seemed to be okay, but the doctor ordered bed rest for a couple of weeks. Yea, like that was going to happen … especially with a two-year old running around. But we got through it and cried tears of joy when Deanna was introduced to the world on March 25, 1972.

To be continued …

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Choices. Everybody has choices. And the choices you make impact other people’s choices.

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