Five Minute Friday — Yes

There are so many stories that come out during Five Minute Friday. But perhaps one of the most poignant was the response last week to Andrew’s post ( Andrew is battling a terminal illness … yet he found the time to post his take on the prompt word ALONE. As our facilitator put it so well, the response — the sheer outpouring of Christian love — is what the Body of Christ looks like.

It is such a privilege to share our experiences — good, bad, deep, light, personal, universal — weekly at Kate’s place ( Even if you’re not interested in participating, the posts make for some interesting reading.

And so, it’s Friday {really!!} and time to tackle this week’s prompt … a simple word, YES. The timer is set so here GOES

It’s Sunday morning. Groggily I open my eyes and say, “No, Lord. It’s Sunday. I want to sleep in today. I love You but I’m skipping church today.” And I roll over, pull the covers over my head for some additional rest and relaxation.

Outside the birds are chirping … seemingly louder than usual. Trucks and motorcycles are on the road. The dogs are barking. The sun shines just right through the window.

“Okay. Okay. I get the message. I’ll go to church even if I don’t want to.”

At church I was exposed to a riveting sermon that seeming was directed squarely at me. “Yes, Lord, thank you for pushing my butt out of bed.”

The pastor pushes us to live and share our faith outside our comfort zone. My thought is “No. I’m not prepared. What could I do? No, thank you.”

But the Lord intervenes. Little obstacles — … STOP

… excuses — are overcome. Next thing you know, you’re sharing the wonders of Christ with a total stranger while waiting in a grocery store line. “Yes, Lord. It was You working through me.”

How often does our Lord turn our no into a resounding yes? He is not asking us to preach and teach. He’s asking us to show. He’s not calling us just for the heck of it. He calls us because He sees a greater need and we are the conduit.

Here I am Lord … I will go Lord

It’s easy for us to say “No.” But it’s so much rewarding when we say “Yes.”

THOUGHT FOR THE WEEK: It’s impossible to hate what you do for a living if you are doing what God created you to be doing.

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