Five Minute Friday — Alone

The hours just don’t line up. Friday was a series of doctor appointments. Friday night was catching up on what should have been done Friday and getting ready to hit the road for the trip to Maine Saturday. But I’m here … so it’s time to share some Five Minute Friday thoughts. Don’t forget to see what others are saying at Kate’s place ( I do hope you visit the site!

Today’s {yesterday’s?) prompt was ALONE. It was actually part of the subject of a post I posted Thursday (

So, let’s set the timer, get ready and GO

Part of my post yesterday included the paragraph “My biggest concern is walking through the rest of my life alone. Sure, I have supportive family and friends but I don’t have my soul mate … and the reality is she is never coming back. Karen was my ground and my motivator. She was high maintenance, although no more than I to her. We had to work together or it would all fall apart … and we knew it. We complemented each other…”

However, here’s the rest of that story…

Yes, I’ve been in a quiet, leave me alone state of mind. But that doesn’t mean I’m alone. To the contrary, I know I’m never alone.

Sure, the physical realm is a bit lonely. But the spiritual realm is alive and well, thank you. Over the years I know when there is just one set of footprints in the sand, it’s Jesus carrying me … and that’s a pretty big accomplishment considering my girth.

And there are times I have no interest in talking with God. That doesn’t mean He isn’t talking and communicating with me. I am listening … just not responding.

Don’t we have a great God?

He puts up with our feelings … and emotions … and moods … and He loves us nonetheless. He is willing and able to lift us up as we stumble and falter. And He shines His light into our darkness. … STOP

So, as Paul Harvey would have said, “And now you know the rest of the story” … the important postscript.

That’s it for this week.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The God who saves is also the God who blesses.

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4 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Alone

  1. Thank you for your candor in writing about the loss of Karen. There are moments when we can convince ourselves that maybe the person we’ve lost is just on a business trip, or out of town at a conference for a couple days, but that illusion only lasts for a short time. Then the reality — that they’re never coming back — hits (again) and those emotions can drain the energy we thought we had. Don’t you wish there was something that we could do to make it better? If there is, I don’t know about it.

    My loss is different than yours, but I understand a little bit of what you mean about not having interest in talking to God. THANK YOU for being so honest about that. I’ve found I do better using other approaches to talking to God, rather than sitting in silence (not that I was ever very good at that). You’re probably finding that as well.

    Sorry for the extend-o comment. Hope you can find moments of peace and glimmers of hope today. Blessings! ~Your FMF Neighbor


  2. visiting from FMF. thank you for sharing your story.


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