It’s All About ME

Wow. I just looked at that title again. No, it’s not about me, like in myself. It’s ME like in the State of Maine.

Now that is out of the way, it appears I have finally pulled the trigger and will soon be a resident of Maine … at least on a part time basis. Oh yeah, effective Saturday (Aug. 1). The lease has been signed. The deposit has been sent. Rent is on the way.

Yes. I said lease and rent … something I haven’t done for many, many years. And it all came together serendipitously.

So, here’s the story. As you know, I’ve been house hunting in the Pine Tree State for years. But there was always an impediment in the way … too big … too small … too far north ,,, bearing the wrath of the sea. A couple of weeks ago, I made yet another trip to look at two real possibilities. One was a farmhouse in South China, the other a more reasonable ranch with a stream in Bryant Pond.

Well, the farmhouse was still too much house for my needs. When I saw it in early April, the snow was still drift deep. I thought it had a front porch overlooking China Lake — which I thought would be the perfect spot for morning coffee with Karen. With the snow gone, however, there was no porch, just front steps with a landing. The only lake view was from the living room with a crooked neck. And the summer trees left just a glimpse of the lake.

Strike one.

I had started looking at the ranch a couple of years ago. It was as picturesque as always, but the revisit — in a steady rain — showed it’s age. The windows needed work. The back door sill was rotting. Shingles were starting to curl. The lawn was more expansive than I first remembered.

Strike two.

Needless to say I returned to New York a little disheartened.

2015-07-11 12.01.59

My apartment is on the second floor … the one with the shades up.

As an aside, I do follow the Bangor Daily News online. One of the features the next day was a story on the re-purposing of Mayo Mill in Dover-Foxcroft. So I started looking into the a multi-use development project on the banks of the Piscataquis River. Dover-Foxcroft is a merged town in Piscataquis County and the county’s largest town and county seat. The population was 4,213 at the 2010 census.

Naturally, I had to go see it for myself. And it is perfect for me. It is a 60,000 square foot historic complex being renovated into a net zero mixed-use building. The project will house 22 residential apartments, an inn, cafe, office space and a data center. In addition to the real estate, the project also houses a 300 KW hydro electric power plant that supplies the building with 100% of its electrical needs and features high speed Internet service — included in the rent. Of course it includes brand, energy efficient new kitchen appliances, an island, two bedrooms and two bathrooms. Did I mention my unit overlooks the river?

View from my living room window

View from my living room window

The town has everything I need within walking {yeah, right} distance including a full service grocery store, first run movie theater, restaurants, niche establishments, stores, pharmacies and a full service hospital and medical center about a quarter mile away. There is a farmer’s market on weekends  during the summer, a Whoopie Pie Festival in June and the biggest selling point — two, count ’em, two — ice cream shops!

Of course, I would not have to worry about pesky things like lawns or plowing. I can just enjoy life.

Now, this doesn’t mean I will be moving there permanently, I still have obligations here in New York including my newspaper and doctor’s appointments. My thought is I would semi-commute — maybe a week or two at a time. But who knows?

I was planning on going up this weekend to get my keys, but have been grounded with cellulitis {sad face}. But I am super excited! I can’t wait to start my next adventure. I’ll keep you posted.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Your children get only one childhood.

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4 Responses to It’s All About ME

  1. Dave Seyer says:

    Enjoy, Joe!!


  2. Jim Matthews says:

    Thanks , I am headed to West Virginia boy scout camp with my two sons.
    It hit me after reading your children only get one childhood.

    How profound and simplatico.

    Bechtel scout reservation here we go.
    Enjoy your blog and the DBT past , stay active and vaya con Dios in Maine.

    James Matthews
    P.O. Box 227
    95 South Main Street
    Marlboro,NJ 07746


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