Father’s Day Musings

Happy Father’s Day … to me and to you.

Writing with a broad brush, Father’s Day isn’t one of those high-ranking holidays for dads. I mean, it’s probably more important to the folks at Hallmark than to the average dad. Don’t get me wrong, the attention is nice, just not necessary.

Fathers come in all stripes, from non-existent deadbeats to hovering … and every shade of gray in between. But in general, we don’t need a special day to feel important. The cards are appreciated. The calls are welcomed. The knick-knacks and ties are treasured. But it’s all unnecessary. Without ever saying it, we know how important we are in the lives of our children. We want them to succeed. We want them to excel. We want them to be happy.

And we don’t “need” things. If we want something — like a new grill or tool — we just go out and get it. We don’t have to wait for a special “day.”

My dad, for example, never showed a lot of emotion and that gene has been passed down to me. An “Ahhh” is about the best you’ll get.

And my dad didn’t know anything about anything when I was coming to be. It’s amazing how much he learned in the five years from my adolescence to my actually becoming a father. And as I aged, I understood more fully how much wisdom he actually had … and how similar we had become.

Fatherhood is getting by, balancing work and home life, doing things as a family, when to say no and when to just roll with the punches, picking your battles, screwing up with class, and teaching — always teaching through example. As a father you quickly learn little Johnny or Sally is not going to stop crying, you’re in a war of wills and the best you can hope for is to get through children with a sound mind intact.

It’s always been that way.

I can just imagine the wisecracks Noah heard from his kids when he was building the ark.

I can imagine the flack Joseph took when he “lost” Jesus. I can hear Mary saying, “I told you to watch him!” In Joseph’s defense he was probably talking to his neighbor Moshe about his latest project in the workshop and only half-heard Mary until miles separated father and son. And dutifully he backtracked his steps until he found him. {Come on, we’ve all lost a kid in the Walmart racks at one time or another in our lives.}

On second thought, maybe fathers should be honored and recognized. It’s a pretty impressive task getting siblings out of the house without them killing each other. I did … and that’s better than Adam.

Happy Father’s Day!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: The most important sex organ is the brain.

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2 Responses to Father’s Day Musings

  1. Dave Seyer says:

    Happy Father’s Day, Joe!

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