In the Blink of an Eye

After Karen died, I decided part of my grief therapy would be writing a memoir — not my own, but of our life together. I gathered information from my recollections, her journals and other sources and spent the next six months crafting In the Blink of an Eye: 40 Years of Memories.

I decided to give it to my children as a gift — a glimpse of their Mom through my eyes. It covered our life together — from how we met, how we lived the ups and downs of our lives, how we survived 40 years of marriage and five children, how we struggled at the end.

It was a bittersweet assignment … especially re-living those final six months.  I shared the tears and fears as well as the triumphs. I explained how some of the “routines” we had came to be. I tried to separate fact from the urban legends of time. I included tons of photos, cards and cartoons. And I sandwiched those 40 years with a prologue and epilogue.

I asked the kids if they would object to sharing, especially because they are interspersed on the pages. They have given me their permission. As my middle son said, “Our greatest gift and blessing to others comes when we share our story.”

I think this venue would be appropriate for sharing those words with you … to give you some insight just how much Karen influenced my life,  to help you understand where I’m coming from, to help you peel back additional layers of my life.

Some of the material has already been used in previous posts, but there are other aspects that will be new — especially the artwork.

So, beginning next Wednesday, I’ll begin a weekly peek into the life Karen and I had. It’s her legacy. I hope you get the chance to know and love her as I did.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Get rid of anything that isn’t useful. Clutter weighs you down in many ways.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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8 Responses to In the Blink of an Eye

  1. It’s a beautiful thing to see posts. She must’ve been a wonderful person in life and your sharing her with us is a beautiful gift to the world 🙂


  2. TamrahJo says:

    Looking forward to reading, for I agree with your son, our greatest gift to each other is sharing the story – 🙂 I celebrate, today, the 7th anniversary of losing my son – and came here to get ‘caught up and post’ because I’ve been trying to hide from Grief in ‘paid’ work and get through yet another first-part-of-June –

    Alas, I arrived here, fully intending to plow through catching up and on reading and try to make some draft posts presentable for the “Publish” button….

    Only to find a bevy of posts from community members that so directly speaks to my heart and is a balm on my spirit today.
    Thank you. 🙂


  3. azskyman says:

    Through plenty of tears, I suspect, the writings will unfold from your heart as much as your memory. A wonderful idea to perpetuate just not Karen’s role in your life, but your role as parents too. Proud to have spent a little time on this journey with both of you.


  4. Pasquale Desimone says:

    I lost my wife when she was 51 -she was my soulmate to this day it feels like I lost her just yesterday but it was 12 yrs ago it’s a hurt noone can describe unless your the one who lost your wind


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