Social Experiment

102_2758I’m trying something new on Facebook. Each day, I pick a random photo or saying from my WordPress Reader and share it on my Facebook page … like today’s to the right. I include the introduction “Random photo for the day. What comes to mind?”

Well, obviously, the question of the day is, why?

Why not?

It’s just another way to use social media. There are no right answers and there are no wrong answers. It’s a way to give my followers a chance to expand their minds. It’s a chance to just take a random photo and personalize it.

I chose Reader art because it is not the recycled patter found on Facebook feeds. The photos correspond to a blog post … although the snap thought may not necessarily connect with the post.

Thus far, I haven’t received a lot of comments on the social experiment but, when I do, it’s generally, well, … interesting. Comments range from deep thought to whimsical, especially from my daughter’s significant other-in-law.

10698534_10203261723928354_1355322599075528234_nTake the photo to the right, for example, by far the most commented on pictures shared. Comments included “Follow your dream!!” … “Walking on a Cape Cod beach” … “The sound of the ocean and the millions of stars overhead. Humbling. Very humbling” … “This photo captures everything I love in nature! The moon, the stars, the ocean, and walking on the beach at night! Love it! Thanks for sharing” … “The lighthouse is my symbol of hope for the future!” … and, from Doug, “It’s going to be really hard to swim with that dress on. lol.”

imageBut the photo that sort of defied the content of the blog is again the one to the right. Written and posted under “Embracing Gothic Chic” by Abigail Royston at, the photo just caught my attention. I received just one comment, “Confidence. Happiness. And boy am I glad I don’t like to wear jewelry.”

For me, it wasn’t just the pretty face, but an inner beauty that radiated from within. I saw confidence and wholesomeness.
Here’s what Abigail was thinking.

“It seems as if my parents constant health & safety concerns have now rubbed off on me and slowly but surely I am becoming the most scaredy-cat person in the world… I am not a complete freak, but I realized the other day when I tried to worm my way out of Christmas cheer ice skating for fear of losing fingers and because ‘I was abroad and didn’t have my medical card’, that I was going to have to man up or risk missing out on some of life’s best adventures! So what better way to say goodbye to fear and comfort than to rock the gothic chic look! 🙂

“My outfit is one inspired by some of my biggest fears and phobias and provides an edgy twist on the traditional goth look. It is often said that bad things exist in the world to make us appreciate the good ones, so I wanted to emphasize the happiness, joy and power that comes in overcoming demons with the bright yellow blazer and pink shoes. The medallion belt that I wore as a bracelet gave me a touch of warrior power and provided me with a way of turning a chain or shackle into a powerful attitude. I decided to accessorize with lots of bling rings and Geisha Nails to continue the eye catching look.

“Since going on Tour I have proudly overcome my fear of flying and now I love it. I couldn’t even walk into a plane, so when I flew solo to China I really felt so proud of myself and elated 🙂 I still cross roads in an overly cautious manner, put my safety belt on in the car even when it isn’t moving, over cook chicken and walk home in the dark with the keys in my hands to slash my attacker in the face in case I get jumped… However I love climbing and don’t mind heights. I am not scared of an adventure, foreign countries, crowds, going outside… So GO ME!”

I didn’t see the fear — or overcoming that fear — in the photo, and I didn’t sense goth at all. But I did see “the happiness, joy and power” — which is so important for young women these days —  … even if it wasn’t for “overcoming demons.”

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Happiness will never come to those who don’t appreciate what they already have.

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4 Responses to Social Experiment

  1. Wow!!!What an amazing post and truely thank you for your comments and for quoting from my blog. An honour to have you choose one of my pictures and I am so glad you liked it! :)) I will be definately be following your blog for some lovely inspiration. All the best, Abi xxx


  2. CJ says:

    I really like this post of yours!


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