They’re Always Watching

This was just a routine morning. I went out to the gazebo, stirring the birds who were taking temporary respite from the rain, and sat down to read, meditate {I’ve finished Ezekiel and am now getting into the apocalyptical writers, Daniel and the 12 prophets}, spend time with Karen and eat my breakfast {blueberry yogurt … yes, yogurt}. Pretty routine. Just another morning ritual.

Two of my grandchildren’s cousins spent the night. Apparently, they were in the breakfast nook having breakfast, prompting Christian {one of the cousins} to ask why I was sitting outside in the rain.

Nine year old Karly responded, “Grandpa goes out there every morning. He reads his bible and spends some quite time with crazy grandma {a term of endearment}. He stays out there for about 15 minutes.”

I had to smile when I heard the story. But it also reminded me, kids and grandkids may not always listen … but they are always watching!

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Don’t start your day with a negative attitude. It’s hard to understand why so many people wake up each morning feeling defeated when each day holds so much potential. The possibilities today offers are endless, so eagerly anticipate wonderful happenings. It’s easy to let blessings go by unnoticed if you’re not looking.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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2 Responses to They’re Always Watching

  1. Erick says:

    You brought a smile to my face with this story…I often sit out in the rain for no particular reason…(you’re reason is much better!)


    • Thank you. I’m out there rain or shine from early May to mid October. They I “move” Karen back inside for the winter, although I’ll often just sit in the gazebo … especially when it’s snowing. Have a great day.


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