Five Minute Friday — Ready

The calendar says it’s Friday so it must be time for Five Minute Friday. You remember, it’s when a group of us ponder a prompt word of the week and just write for five minutes. The exercise is moderated by Kate Motaung ( and was started by Lisa Jo Baker. Hundreds of writers pick their collective brains for insight on the prompt … not necessarily pithy, not necessarily structurally correct … just words from the heart filtered through the brain and executed through the fingers.

This week, I’m taking a little different approach. The post is really an addendum to one I did yesterday ( It’s still a take on the prompt.

I’m READY, which happens to be the prompt word, so here goes. The timer is set for five minutes, so READY, SET,  GO

You’ve seen the commercials. The little girl lays down on the floor and asks her phone, “Do dogs dream?” and gets an answer! It’s so darn cute.

You’ve seen the commercials. Two pre-teen kids are in the airport and some grown ups are arguing about what film the clip on the TV is from. They point their smart phone toward the screen and get an answer … then proceed to announce they have thousands of movies at their command. Isn’t technology great!

The new Amazon Fire Phone has a 13 MP camera; 11 hour video battery; dual Dolby Digital Plus speakers; 4G Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 3.0 connectivity; 32 GB storage; and over 33 million titles, movies, TV episodes, songs and books an app away … all on a 4.7 inch HD LCD display. Mind boggling.

The question is, however, are they ready for the technological surge? Are we ready? I mean, how much accessibility is too much for a pre-teen?

I’m all for technology, but it seems plunking down $500 or more for a phone with a hefty monthly usage plan for a pre-teen … STOP

… might be a little too much. You want to know where they’re at? Fine. You want to give them a chance to call out for help if needed? Great. You want to stay connected? Okay. But at what cost.

It seems to me, we’re doing two things to the kids. First we’re “giving” them too much without them earning it. Secondly, we’re assuming they will respect the privilege they’re given when they can’t remember to pick up their clothes or brush their teeth.

Are we ready for that?

I’m all for technology, but we should be getting our children ready for life … not handing it to them on a silver platter.

I understand, we all want to give our children the best. But maybe, just maybe, it should be age appropriate and when they’re ready … not just a right of passage that comes at a younger and younger age.

How’s this for a radical idea. If the inquisitive young minds wants to know something, let them research it themselves rather than just push a button and get an answer. Even more radical, with a book … on their own.

That’s my Friday rant. I’m just not ready to give up on kids … or turn them over to the world.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Your greatest attention getter for Christ may be you have a smile in a sea of sour.

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4 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Ready

  1. As a mama of three little ones technology is a topic that I give much consideration to. My three year old can operate my iphone better than his grandmother. It’s definitely going to be part of their lives but I so agree on guarding them from too much. Thank you for your thoughts and inspiration in this area! Great post. Glad I got to stop by!


  2. Patty says:

    I agree with you so much. My girls have normal phones, so that I can reach them. They have talk and text but no internet capabilities. We have docking station where the technology things go at night. This gives them plenty of time to sleep. We have the responsibility to guard them and keep them safe, always. Great Post today.


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