Two Years

First things first. The graphic below has absolutely nothing to do with this post. It is just an expression of how I feel. Go Pack!
footballIt’s been two years since I began sharing my journey through the blogosphere. And it has been quite an adventure.

I officially signed up Sept. 2, 2012 {okay, actually my daughter signed me up because I had been procrastinating}. Since last year, I’ve shared 143 posts that have been viewed 4,745 times by 241 new followers in 69 countries, 13 countries more than last year. Most of my visitors have been from the United States and Canada, but there have also been significant readership from Vietnam, United Kingdom, India, Brazil, Australia, Switzerland and the Philippians. Others visited from  Germany, France, Indonesia, Italy, Russian Federation, Singapore, South Africa, Japan, Guatemala, Malaysia, Netherlands, Spain, Bangladesh, United Arab Emirates, Sweden, United Republic of Tanzania, Ireland, Nigeria, Israel, Pakistan, Thailand, Kenya, Hong Kong, Romania, New Zealand, Sri Lanka, Barbados, Jamaica, Republic of Korea, Belgium, Norway, Puerto Rico, Greece, Turkey, Venezuela, Poland and Iraq. New visitors have weighed in from Trinidad and Tobago, Ecuador, Jersey, Columbia, Mexico, Denmark, Jordan, Lebanon, Portugal, Argentina, Saudi Arabia, Uruguay, Nepal, Angola, Peru, Mongolia, Costa Rico, Ukraine, Bulgaria, Dominica, Papua New Guinea, Lithuania, Taiwan, Bermuda, Paraguay, Bahamas, Benin, Slovania, Nicaragua, Algeria, Austria, Albania, Morocco, Chile, Estonia, Cambodia and Cyprus. I lost contact with visitors from Hungary, Egypt, Honduras, Niger, Dominican Republic, Saint Vincent and the Grenadines, Macao, Serbia, Zambia and Malta. I still can’t figure out the international appeal.

My most visited day was Aug. 2 with 66 views. My most popular posts have been A Mouse, Chicken, Pig, Cow and Snake (Dec. 10, 2012), Sex in the ’60s (March 16, 2014); Love! Love! Love! (Aug. 2, 2014); The Pied Piper (May 31, 2014); In the Blink of an Eye (Sept. 27, 2013); Post Vacation Funk (July 19, 2014); My Wife, My Friend, My Love on Our Anniversary (Aug. 31, 2013); Pepperoni Dreams (Sept. 8, 2012); First Night … and Beyond (Jan. 2, 2014); All in the Family (July 9, 2014); Conversation with God (Sept. 18, 2012); Silent Monks “Sing” the Hallelujah Chorus (Nov. 3, 2013); 10 and 2 (March 8, 2014); 15 To Go (June 9, 2014); Happy Birthday, Honey (Nov. 20, 2013); Friday Without Five Minutes (May 16, 2014); Is That Creepy? (July 2, 2014); Rose of Sharon (July 19, 2013); Saying “I’m Sorry” (Dec. 13, 2013); Five Minute Friday — Hero (Jan. 31, 2014); Jimmy (Dec. 19, 2013); Let’s Talk About Sex (Jan. 23, 2014); Hall of Shame (May 18, 2014); First Night (Dec. 30, 2013); Listen to the Beat (March 22, 2014); Pro-Choice … Choose Life (Nov. 16, 2013); Five Minute Friday — Writer (April 4, 2014); and Surprise, CO (Feb. 26, 2014). Some of them, as you can see, go well before this past year but still bring in views.

I’ve received the most comments on Nature’s Melody (June 4, 2014), although that also received quite a bit of spam; Sex in the ’60s; My Wife, My Friend, My Love on Our Anniversary; Five Minute Friday — Laundry (Oct. 18, 2013); Five Minute Friday — Choose (Feb. 28, 2014); Five Minute Friday — She (Sept. 20, 2013); In the Blink of an Eye; Wait for Christmas Rudolph (Dec. 9, 2013); Five Minute Friday — Fill (Aug. 8, 2014); A Mouse, Chicken, Pig, Cow and Snake; Joy (March 21, 2014); First Night; Five Minute Friday — See (Jan. 10, 2014); and Five Minute Friday — Mess (May 2, 2014).

The biggest change this year, however, has been the number of spam replies. Somehow, the floodgates opened in June. This year alone, Akismet has stopped over 75,000 — yes 75,000! — spam replies, most of them in the last three months. I know some of them have filtered through, although I tried to block them as well. If anyone has some suggestions, I’m all ears.

I hope you’ve gotten to know me a little better … warts and all. I’ve shared my youth, my 40-year love affair with my wife, my family, my hopes and dreams, my struggles and –I hope — my faith. It’s the last point I hoped to drive home through my words … putting faith into action in everyday life and circumstances. In fact, the most common themes I have written about have been faith, family and relationships — three cornerstones of a balanced life. I’ve also favored posts about memories, Paterson, NJ {my home town}, Maine and prayer … although I am apt to write about anything that trips a trigger in my brain.

I connect with the Fellowship of Christian Bloggers and Five Minute Friday, a five minute blogging flash mob with an amazing group of talented, predominately home-schooling young mothers with insights I never would have imagined. I religiously follow my daughter’s blog,, and am awaiting my son’s new online venture. I love the interaction with my new electronic buddies, TamrahJo, dearanonymousfriend, hairballexpress and Maryanne.

All in all, I think it has been a good year. But it doesn’t matter what I think. It’s what you think that matters.

As I explained in my introductory column, I’ve been writing professionally (getting paid — not much, but getting paid) for 49 years. I’ve covered presidents and other political leaders, bishops and cardinals, professional athletes and everyday people. I’ve been to the White House, the National Cathedral, Yankee Stadium and the Little League World Series in Williamsport, PA. And I never was intimidated. But, as I sit here and put words down on paper — okay, characters on a screen — I still am petrified. I always knew my audience. I knew what they wanted. This time, however, I have no idea who will be reading this or, more important, what they want to read.

I’m starting to get a feel, but I still need feedback. I need suggestions. I need constructive criticism.

What type of posts do you like? What type of posts don’t you like? What would you like to see more of? What would you like to see less of?

A writer writes for his/her audience as well as his or herself. So, your input is welcomed.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Everything happens for a reason.

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I'm just an ordinary guy walking along the journey of life.
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