From the Apocrypha

I did have some people ask about my apocryphal connection between Moses and Peter. So I will share it. BUT REMEMBER, IT IS ONLY A JOKE … A HA HA TYPE JOKE!

Moses, Peter and Jesus decided to play golf one day. They needed a fourth so they asked this old man to join them.

The first hole was an elevated tee to a small pond in front of a rolling green with trees to the sides.

Moses tees off first. As the ball approaches the water, he raises his arm and parts the water. The ball skips through the pond bed and rolls onto the green, about eight inches from the pin.

Peter is next. He swings and as the ball approaches the water, it skips about halfway through and sinks. Peter resorts to his fisherman expletives and breaks his club.

Jesus smiles as he sets the ball on the tee, He hits the ball almost exactly the way Peter did, but the ball skips from one side of the pond to the other and onto the green, about three inches from the cup.

The old man is next. He shuffles to the tee and, with all his might, shanks the ball into the trees. It bounces off six trunks back onto the fairway where it hits a sunning alligator in the head. The alligator picks up the ball and swims through the pond to the other side, where he coughs it up. A squirrel thinks it’s a nut and grabs it, just as an eagle swoops him up. About ten feet above the green, the squirrel lets go of the ball and kerplunk, it falls right into the cup.

Moses and Peter look at each other, then turn to Jesus and ask, “Why did you invite your father?

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: You are uniquely wired for unique assignments. You’re a category all by yourself. There’s no one we can compare you to. You’re the only one like you. You were made right! You’re wired for daily contributions only you can make.

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