Five Minute Friday — Fill

It’s Friday. It’s Friday. It’s time to carve out five minutes for some focused, yet free-flowing writing along with the crew at Five Minute Friday. We’ve changed hosts … but not intent. It still is meant to be a free write, which means no editing, no over-thinking, no worrying about perfect grammar or punctuation. Just write. {okay, we may clean it up a bit}

This week’s prompt from new hostess Kate Motaung is FILL. So, let’s get going. The timer is set and it is time to START

Fill ‘er up.

That’s what we used to say as we pulled up to the pump — except for New Jersey and Oregon where they still have attendants. We fuel up our cars to keep moving forward..

The same is true for our life. As our spiritual fuel winds down, it’s time to refuel. Of course, we get worn down spiritually by, well, life. It sometimes can beat you down to vapors.

Often, we take the easy route … just enough to get by. Maybe a quick prayer or crying out on a friend’s shoulder or wallowing in self pity. We keep fuel — faith — in the tank but have to keep stopping to keep going. We don’t take the time or expend the energy to refuel.

We have a great faith attendant. He lives — and died — to fill our tanks. STOP

Wouldn’t it be great to keep the spiritual tank full all the time?

All it takes is regular stops.

Fill ‘er up.

Well, that’s what I came up this week. Read what others have contributed at You won’t be disappointed.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Look deeply into the eyes of the one you are falling for to get a glimpse of his or her soul.

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12 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Fill

  1. I am new to 5 Minute Friday, so it is nice to meet you through it! I loved what you wrote! “Beat you down to vapors” is so true! “All it takes is regular stops” – great encouragement for consistency! A lot of times we feel we need to carve out a large amount of time in our day to refuel, and that large amount of time never seems to happen. Refueling consistently, no matter how small of increments, will keep us going! Thanks for the encouragement!

  2. Hopeannfaith says:

    So true! I enjoyed your post.
    Thank you and blessings!

  3. Lisa M says:

    Great post – great reminder!

  4. Patty says:

    I agree! I loved your analogy. I have to watch my tank all the time now as the teens are driving and i have learned that empty is not a word in their vocabulary. It is true also that others can deplete our tanks are we run to and fro through life. Thank you for your words today.

  5. judith heaney says:

    I love the analogy you’ve used and the reminder that Jesus is the ever-present attendant, waiting for us to pull in and ask him to fill us up. I am too often guilty of the “just enough to get by” mentality, letting my busyness dictate my attitude. This is a wonderful reminder today to stop. To refuel. To rest in Him.
    {stopping by from five-minute friday}

  6. Barbie says:

    I really enjoyed this post today. I am in constant need of a “filler up!”

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