All in the Family

What a weekend!

What a wonderful weekend!

Under the pretense of a graduation party for my grandson — okay, it actually WAS a graduation party for my grandson — we were able to bring the Siccardi clan together for the first happy time in eight years, spanning four generations.
familyThat’s me with the white hair and blue shorts slightly left of center {how appropriate} flanked by the family. Clustered to my right are daughter Nicolle and her significant other Doug Biery, holding Kady and Colin with Anthony and Ella; son and daughter-in-law Jonathan and Monica with their offspring, Karly, Jonathan Jr. and Taylor; to my left, the Massachusetts brood, Scott and Mandi with Benjamin, DJ, Timothy and Haleigh (hidden in mommy’s belly); Joe and Nichole from Kentucky; and the Ohio bunch, Deanna (holding Addison) and Mike with sons Gavin and Zach and Zach’s fiancee Khristine. Whew!
I can’t express my feelings, they run so deep. As I looked at them and realized how much they’ve grown since they were the urchins running around our various houses and yards. All five of my children made the trip — from Kentucky, Ohio, Massachusetts and, of course, New York — each with their younger children. My grandson Zach — my older daughter’s oldest son — also made the trip with his fiancee and their daughter … my great-granddaughter Addison. We almost had my other great-granddaughter Peyton, but granddaughter and mommy Shayla didn’t want to let her go and miss her first Fourth of July in the Quad Cities.

My five visited with each other, caught up in person and relived youthful memories and escapades {that’s one of the reasons my hair is snow white and Karen’s best friend was Loreal}. Their kids played together, including time in the pool. Everyone cooed over the littlest ones — Colin and Addy. And I thoroughly enjoyed the moments when I watched my progeny deal with issues like “I have to go to the bathroom”, that’s enough gummy bears, eat some chicken before you eat some cake, slooow down or put those sticks down.

All but five grandchildren were at the party, although we did get a heavy dose of Ryan who is playing in the New York Instructional League for Olean and had a few games in next-door Geneva. I was able to get the grandchildren to sign their names on bright red rocks identifying their specific rose bush {by proxy for those missing by their parents} in the garden {that was Karen’s idea … counting great-grandchildren, we’re up to 19 with another on the way in September. Sorry, dear, I am a few behind. I just can’t keep up with them}.

Of course, there is always some regret. First and foremost was the fact Karen wasn’t there to enjoy these moments, although her spirit had a front row seat from the gazebo since the party was in our back yard. And, they had to leave … first Zach, Kristine and Addison after brother Ryan’s game in Geneva Sunday afternoon, Scott and Mandi later Sunday so Mandi could make a Monday doctor’s appointment, followed by Joe and Nichole Monday for the long haul back to Kentucky. Miss them already. I don’t know how many more “happy” reunions are down the road.

But the week also signaled the next experience. This weekend, I’ll be taking 10 of the grandchildren — with three chaperones — on our annual adventure. In the past, we’ve been to the Radio City Christmas Show in New York City and on the road in Cleveland and Boston and on an Easter Cruise aboard the Odyssey out of Boston Harbor. This year we’re planning a weekend junket that starts tomorrow and includes a day and night at the Jersey shore {capped with fireworks over the ocean!}, a visit to Carlo’s Bakery, a ferry ride to New York City, Art in the Park at Madison Square Park, a visit to the Empire State Building and dinner at Falls View!

So, if you see a white-haired whale on the beach or boardwalk in Seaside Heights or an old man walking in downtown Manhattan surrounded by a bunch of kids … it will probably be me. Feel free to stop and say hi!

I’ll keep you posted.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: Money and power look good, but they won’t fill your being with joy the way your family will.

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  1. Delightful! Beautiful family and a wonderful weekend. Have a great time on your adventure.


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