Five Minute Friday — Hands

Well, it’s Friday, so it must be time to join Lisa Jo and her band of fellow writers at Five Minute Friday ( That’s where we take a prompt word and just run with it … for five minutes with no excessive editing, just five minutes of focused writing and let the words fall where they may. One of our fellow writers, Alia, describes what we do on Fridays as a “wild and wonderful flash mob of words.”

This week, the prompt word is HANDS. So, here goes, the timer is set. START.

I look at my grandchildren’s and great-granddaughters’ hands. So small. So full of promise. I wonder where those hands will take them. What will they do. How will they use those two tiny gifts.

I look at my children’s hands. I remember when they were small and full of promise, and I’ve seen them use those hands at work. They’ve already accomplished much but have so much more to do. They have so much more promise.

I look at my hands, a little marred, scared and gnarled. A couple of bent fingers here and there, a little puffier than the days of my youth. They have taken me far and … STOP

… wide and been part of many magical adventures during a white collar work experience. They were integral in hugging and holding my wife, five children, 19 grandchildren and two great-granddaughters.

I remember my father’s hands. His were callused and rough, befitting his blue collar work experience. The things he did with those hands, the accomplishments he accomplished. Strong yet gentle.

I vaguely remember my great-grandfather’s hands, shriveled after years of confinement in a VA hospital after being gassed in World War I. I wish I could remember him as the skilled barber he was, but I don’t. I remember the vacuum in his eyes, but I do remember the warmth of his hands.

And I see the nail-scarred hands of Jesus … reaching out to six generations of my family.

And I see those same nail-scarred hands of Jesus … reaching out to all generations.

Well, that’s it. Jump on over to http:// and see what my writing circle there are producing.

THOUGHT TO REMEMBER: You have a role to play in this universe, even if you do not know it yet. Without you, this divine clockwork would not be the same. So look after yourself. There is a reason for your existence.

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3 Responses to Five Minute Friday — Hands

  1. Cole says:

    What a lovely way to rifle through the memories of your family through a single perspective and looking for the links that bind. HappyFMF!


    • As you responded, I was reading your post. I especially liked the last line … I looked down to see her hand protectively hovering over her new baby sisters, expressing more than she was able to say. Nice job!


  2. claresa says:

    I love how the hands tell such a story, and how you were able to bring yours back to the nail-scarred hands of Jesus. Glad to see you’re bringing a dad’s perspective to the Five Minute Fridays!


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